FDA 510k Device Names & Product Codes

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Analyzer, Gas, Helium, Gaseous-Phase BSE 868.164
Cuff, Tracheal Tube, Inflatable BSK 868.575
Filter, Conduction, Anesthetic BSN 868.513
Catheter, Conduction, Anesthetic BSO 868.512
Needle, Conduction, Anesthetic (W/Wo Introducer) BSP 868.515
Ventilator, Emergency, Manual (Resuscitator) BTM 868.5915
Tube, Tracheostomy (W/Wo Connector) BTO 868.58
Calculator, Predicted Values, Pulmonary Function BTY 868.189
Needle, Emergency Airway BWC 868.509
Spirometer, Therapeutic (Incentive) BWF 868.569
Stimulator, Nerve, Ac-Powered BXM 868.2775
Stimulator, Nerve, Battery-Powered BXN 868.2775
Rhinoanemometer (Measurement Of Nasal Decongestion) BXQ 868.18
Meter, Airway Pressure (Inspiratory Force) BXR 868.178
Percussor, Powered-Electric BYI 868.5665
Unit, Liquid-Oxygen, Portable BYJ 868.5655
Calculator, Pulmonary Function Data BZC 868.188
Heater, Breathing System W/Wo Controller (Not Humidifier Or Nebulizer BZE 868.527
Spirometer, Diagnostic BZG 868.184
Meter, Peak Flow, Spirometry BZH 868.186
Spirometer, Monitoring (W/Wo Alarm) BZK 868.185
Computer, Oxygen-Uptake BZL 868.173
Calculator, Pulmonary Function Interpretor (Diagnostic) BZM 868.19
Monitor, Breathing Frequency BZQ 868.2375
Mixer, Breathing Gases, Anesthesia Inhalation BZR 868.533
Stethoscope, Esophageal, With Electrical Conductors BZT 868.192
Vaporizer, Anesthesia, Non-Heated CAD 868.588
Monitor, Airway Pressure (Includes Gauge And/Or Alarm) CAP 868.26
Generator, Oxygen, Portable CAW 868.544
Anesthesia Conduction Kit CAZ 868.514
Monitor, Air Embolism, Ultrasonic CBA 868.2025
Chamber, Hyperbaric CBF 868.547
Apparatus, Gas-Scavenging CBN 868.543
Valve, Non-Rebreathing CBP 868.587
Analyzer, Gas, Enflurane, Gaseous-Phase (Anesthetic Concentration) CBQ 868.15
Analyzer, Gas, Nitrous-Oxide, Gaseous Phase (Anesthetic Conc.) CBR 868.17
Analyzer, Gas, Halothane, Gaseous-Phase (Anesthetic Conc.) CBS 868.162
Analyzer, Ion, Hydrogen-Ion (Ph), Blood-Phase, Indwelling CBZ 868.117
Analyzer, Gas, Carbon-Dioxide, Partial Pressure, Blood-Phase, Indwelling CCC 868.115
Analyzer, Gas, Oxygen, Partial Pressure, Blood-Phase, Indwelling CCE 868.12
Analyzer, Gas, Nitrogen, Gaseous-Phase CCI 868.169
Analyzer, Gas, Carbon-Monoxide, Gaseous-Phase CCJ 868.143
Analyzer, Gas, Carbon-Dioxide, Gaseous-Phase CCK 868.14
Analyzer, Gas, Oxygen, Gaseous-Phase CCL 868.172
Plethysmograph, Pressure CCM 868.175
Applicator (Laryngo-Tracheal), Topical Anesthesia CCT 868.517
Analyzer, Gas, Neon, Gaseous-Phase JEF 868.167
Analyzer, Gas, Argon, Gaseous-Phase JEG 868.1075
Plethysmograph, Volume JEH 868.176
Tube Tracheostomy And Tube Cuff JOH 868.58
Stimulator, Nerve, Peripheral, Electric KOI 868.2775
Changer, Tube, Endotracheal LNZ 868.573
Needle, Spinal, Short Term MIA 868.515
Ventilatory Effort Recorder MNR 868.2375
Accessory To Continuous Ventilator (Respirator) MOD 868.5895
Analyzer, Nitrogen Dioxide MRQ 868.2385
Conserver, Oxygen NFB 868.5905
Analyzer, Gas, Desflurane, Gaseous-Phase (Anesthetic Concentration) NHO 868.15
Analyzer, Gas, Sevoflurane, Gaseous-Phase (Anesthetic Concentration) NHP 868.15
Analyzer, Gas, Isoflurane, Gaseous-Phase (Anesthetic Concentration) NHQ 868.15
Needle, Spinal, Short Term, Reprocessed NMR 868.515
Needle, Conduction, Anesthesia, Reprocessed NNH 868.515
Humidifier, Respiratory, Mask (Direct Patient Interface) OBN 868.545
Abnormal Breath Sound Device PHZ 868.19
Device Indicating An Exhalation Event PRK 868.2375
Retrograde Intubation Set QCX 868.5095
Apparatus, Suction, Patient Care DWM 870.505
Oximeter, Reprocessed NLF 870.27
Intraoral Pressure Gradient Device OZR 872.557
Laser, Neodymium:Yag, Pulmonary Surgery LLO 874.45
Catheter, Suction, Tracheobronchial, Reprocessed NQV 876.468
Radioassay, Vitamin B12 CDD 862.181
Berthelot Indophenol, Urea Nitrogen CDL 862.177
Urease, Photometric, Urea Nitrogen CDN 862.177
Urease And Glutamic Dehydrogenase, Urea Nitrogen CDQ 862.177
1-Nitroso-2-Naphthol (Fluorometric), Free Tyrosine CDR 862.173
Electrode, Ion Specific, Urea Nitrogen CDS 862.177
Diacetyl-Monoxime, Urea Nitrogen CDW 862.177
Radioimmunoassay, Testosterones And Dihydrotestosterone CDZ 862.168
Radioimmunoassay, Free Thyroxine CEC 862.1695
Uranyl Acetate/Zinc Acetate, Sodium CEI 862.1665
Tetraphenyl Borate, Colorimetry, Potassium CEJ 862.16
Electrode, Ion Specific, Potassium CEM 862.16
Radioimmunoassay, Parathyroid Hormone CEW 862.1545
Electrode, Ion Specific, Magnesium CFA 862.1495
Titrimetric, Magnesium CFO 862.1495
Hexokinase, Glucose CFR 862.1345
Copper Reduction, Glucose CFW 862.1345
Glucose Oxidase, Glucose CGA 862.1345
Ferricyanide, Glucose CGD 862.1345
Orthotoluidine, Glucose CGE 862.1345
Electrode, Ion Based, Enzymatic, Creatinine CGL 862.1225
Acid, Folic, Radioimmunoassay CGN 862.1295
Radioimmunoassay, Cortisol CGR 862.1205
Nad Reduction/Nadh Oxidation, Cpk Or Isoenzymes CGS 862.1215
Radioimmunoassay, Cyclic Gmp CGT 862.123
Alkaline Picrate, Colorimetry, Creatinine CGX 862.1225
Electrode, Ion-Specific, Chloride CGZ 862.117
Titrimetric Permanganate And Bromophenol Blue, Calcium CHC 862.1145
Acid, Phosphoric-Tungstic (Spectrophotometric), Chloride CHG 862.117
Mercuric Thiocyanate, Colorimetry, Chloride CHJ 862.117
Mercuric Nitrate And Diphenyl Carbazone (Titrimetric), Chloride CHK 862.117
Electrode Measurement, Blood-Gases (Pco2, Po2) And Blood Ph CHL 862.112
Radioimmunoassay, Cyclic Amp CHO 862.123
Titrimetric Phenol Red, Carbon-Dioxide CHR 862.116
Coulometric Method, Carbon-Dioxide CHS 862.116
Titrimetric With Edta And Indicator, Calcium CHW 862.1145
Di (O-Hydroxyphenylimine) Ethane, Calcium CHZ 862.1145
Methylthymol Blue, Calcium CIA 862.1145
Radioimmunoassay, Angiotensin I And Renin CIB 862.1085
Cresolphthalein Complexone, Calcium CIC 862.1145
Alizarin Sulfonate, Calcium CID 862.1145
Volumetric/Manometric, Carbon-Dioxide CIE 862.116
Diazo Colorimetry, Bilirubin CIG 862.111
Saccharogenic, Amylase CIJ 862.107
Radial Diffusion, Amylase CIK 862.107
Cresol Red Colorimetry, Carbon-Dioxide CIL 862.116
Electrophoretic Separation, Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes CIN 862.105
Thymolphthalein Monophosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CIO 862.105
Starch-Dye Bound Polymer, Amylase CIW 862.107
Bromcresol Green Dye-Binding, Albumin CIX 862.1035
Amyloclastic, Amylase CJA 862.107
Chromatographic Separation/Radioimmunoassay, Aldosterone CJB 862.1045
Nitrosalicylate Reduction, Amylase CJD 862.107
Nitrophenylphosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJE 862.105
Tetrabromophenolphthalein, Albumin CJF 862.1035
Tetrabromo-M-Cresolsulfonphthalein, Albumin CJG 862.1035
Thymol Blue Monophosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJH 862.105
Disodium Phenylphosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJI 862.105
Phenolphthalein Phosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJK 862.105
Beta Glycerophosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJL 862.105
Radioimmunoassay, Aldosterone CJM 862.1045
Alpha-Naphthyl Phosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CJO 862.105
Radial Immunodiffusion, Albumin CJQ 862.1035
Bromcresol Purple Dye-Binding, Albumin CJW 862.1035
Azo Dye, Calcium CJY 862.1145
Acid, Hydroxyazobenzene-Benzoic, Albumin CJZ 862.1035
Phenylphosphate, Alkaline Phosphatase Or Isoenzymes CKF 862.105
Radioimmunoassay, Acth CKG 862.1025
System, Test, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin DHA 862.1155
Tray, Blood Collection GJE 862.1675
Catalytic Methods, Amylase JFJ 862.107
Ph Rate Measurement, Carbon-Dioxide JFL 862.116
Enzymatic Method, Bilirubin JFM 862.111
Atomic Absorption, Calcium JFN 862.1145
Fluorometric, Calcium JFO 862.1145
Electrode, Ion Specific, Calcium JFP 862.1145
Coulometric, Chloride JFS 862.117
Fluorometric, Cortisol JFT 862.1205
Enzymatic Method, Creatinine JFY 862.1225
Atomic Absorption, Magnesium JGI 862.1495
Photometric Method, Magnesium JGJ 862.1495
Flame Photometry, Potassium JGM 862.16
Electrode, Ion Specific, Sodium JGS 862.1665
Flame Photometry, Sodium JGT 862.1665
O-Phthalaldehyde, Urea Nitrogen JGZ 862.177
Colorimetric Method, Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio JHF 862.1455
Chromatographic Separation, Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio JHG 862.1455
Electrophoretic Method, Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratio JHH 862.1455
Visual, Pregnancy Hcg, Prescription Use JHI 862.1155
Agglutination Method, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin JHJ 862.1155
Differential Rate Kinetic Method, Cpk Or Isoenzymes JHS 862.1215
Chromatographic Separation, Cpk Isoenzymes JHT 862.1215
U.V. Method, Cpk Isoenzymes JHW 862.1215
Fluorometric Method, Cpk Or Isoenzymes JHX 862.1215
Colorimetric Method, Cpk Or Isoenzymes JHY 862.1215
Enzymatic Methods, Galactose JIA 862.131
U.V. Method, Galactose JIB 862.131
Colorimetric Method, Galactose JIC 862.131
Photometric Method, Ammonia JID 862.1065
Method, Ion-Exchange, Ammonia JIE 862.1065
Enzymatic Method, Ammonia JIF 862.1065
Electrode, Ion-Specific Method, Ammonia JIG 862.1065
Method, Enzymatic, Glucose (Urinary, Non-Quantitative) JIL 862.134
Method, Metallic Reduction, Glucose (Urinary, Non-Quantitative) JIM 862.134
Radioimmunoassay, Calcitonin JKR 862.114
Uridine-5-Diphosphoglucose, Nad (U.V.), Alpha-D Galactose-1-Phosphate JLJ 862.1315
Radioimmunoassay, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone JLW 862.169
Radioimmunoassay, Human Placental Lactogen JMF 862.1585
Ninhydrin And L-Leucyl-L-Alanine (Fluorimetric), Phenylalanine JNB 862.1555
Column Or Paper Chromatography Plus Ninhydrin, Phenylalanine JNC 862.1555
Nephelometric, Amylase KHM 862.107
Enzymatic, Carbon-Dioxide KHS 862.116
Phenolphthalein Colorimetry, Carbon-Dioxide KMS 862.116
Fluorescent Proc. (Qual.), Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyl Transferase KQP 862.1315
Radioimmunoassay, Cholyglycine, Bile Acids KWW 862.1177
Radioimmunoassay, Conjugated Sulfalithocholic (Slcg) Acid, Bile Acids KWX 862.1187
Automated Radioimmunoassay Systems, For Clinical Use LCI 862.205
Kit, Test, Pregnancy, Hcg, Over The Counter LCX 862.1155
Conductivity Rate, Urea Nitrogen LFP 862.177
Glucose Dehydrogenase, Glucose LFR 862.1345
Radioreceptor Assay, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin LFS 862.1155
Radioassay, Intrinsic Factor Blocking Antibody LIG 862.181
Urinary Homocystine (Nonquantitative) Test System LPS 862.1377
Bilirubin (Total And Unbound) In The Neonate Test System MQM 862.1113
System, Test, Vitamin D MRG 862.1825
Biosensor, Immunoassay, Cpk Or Isoenzymes MYT 862.1215
System, Test, Sodium, Enzymatic Method MZU 862.1665
Test, System, Potassium, Enzymatic Method MZV 862.16
System, Test, Biotinidase NAK 862.1118
Test, Immunoassay, Biosensor, Hcg NAL 862.1155
Lipoprotein, High Density, Hdl, Over The Counter NAQ 862.1175
Test, Cystatin C NDY 862.1225
System, Test, Osteocalcin NEO 862.105
Enzyme Immunoassay, Cortisol, Salivary NHG 862.1205
Test, Albumin Cobalt Binding NJV 862.1215
Amniotic Fluid Protein Immunoassay PDS 862.155
Mmp-9 Test System PFQ 862.154
Alpha-L-Iduronidase (Idua) Newborn Screening Test System PQT 862.1488
Alpha-D-Glucosidase (Gaa) Newborn Screening Test System PQU 862.1488
 -Glucocerebrosidase (Gba) Newborn Screening Test System PQV 862.1488
Alpha-D-Galactosidase A (Gla) Newborn Screening Test System PQW 862.1488
Uric Acid Test System For At Home Prescription Use PTC 862.1775
Low-Density Lipoprotein (Ldl) Cholesterol Sub-Fraction Test PYP 862.1475
Acid-Sphingomyelinase (Asm) Newborn Screening Test System QCL 862.1488
 -Galactocerebrosidase (Galc) Newborn Screening Test System QCM 862.1488
Menopause Test System QDH 862.1093
Radioimmunoassay (Two-Site Solid Phase), Ferritin JMG 866.534
Electrocardiograph DPS 870.234
Probe, Blood-Flow, Extravascular DPT 870.212
Flowmeter, Blood, Cardiovascular DPW 870.21
Phlebograph, Impedance DQB 870.275
Stethoscope, Electronic DQD 870.1875
Catheter, Oximeter, Fiber-Optic DQE 870.123
Cardiograph, Apex (Vibrocardiograph) DQH 870.231
Computer, Diagnostic, Programmable DQK 870.1425
Catheter, Intravascular, Diagnostic DQO 870.12
Cannula, Catheter DQR 870.13
Occluder, Catheter Tip DQT 870.137
Wire, Guide, Catheter DQX 870.133
Catheter, Percutaneous DQY 870.125
Catheter, Steerable DRA 870.128
Stylet, Catheter DRB 870.138
Dilator, Vessel, For Percutaneous Catheterization DRE 870.131
Transmitters And Receivers, Physiological Signal, Radiofrequency DRG 870.291
Tester, Defibrillator DRL 870.5325
Tourniquet, Automatic Rotating DRP 870.5925
Amplifier And Signal Conditioner, Transducer Signal DRQ 870.206
Amplifier And Signal Conditioner, Biopotential DRR 870.205
Transducer, Blood-Pressure, Extravascular DRS 870.285
Monitor, Cardiac (Incl. Cardiotachometer & Rate Alarm) DRT 870.23
Adaptor, Lead Switching, Electrocardiograph DRW 870.235
Monitor, Blood-Gas, On-Line, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DRY 870.433
Cable, Transducer And Electrode, Patient, (Including Connector) DSA 870.29
Plethysmograph, Impedance DSB 870.277
Recorder, Magnetic Tape, Medical DSH 870.28
Alarm, Blood-Pressure DSJ 870.11
Computer, Blood-Pressure DSK 870.111
Tester, Pacemaker Electrode Function DTA 870.372
Analyzer, Pacemaker Generator Function DTC 870.363
Reservoir, Blood, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DTN 870.44
Sensor, Blood-Gas, In-Line, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DTY 870.441
Tubing, Pump, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DWE 870.439
Catheter, Cannula And Tubing, Vascular, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DWF 870.421
System, Thermal Regulating DWJ 870.59
Dilator, Vessel, Surgical DWP 870.4475
Stripper, Vein, External DWQ 870.4885
Stripper, Artery, Intraluminal DWX 870.4875
Device, Biopsy, Endomyocardial DWZ 870.4075
Clamp, Vascular DXC 870.445
Catheter, Embolectomy DXE 870.515
Catheter, Septostomy DXF 870.5175
Computer, Diagnostic, Pre-Programmed, Single-Function DXG 870.1435
Transmitters And Receivers, Electrocardiograph, Telephone DXH 870.292
Display, Cathode-Ray Tube, Medical DXJ 870.245
Echocardiograph DXK 870.233
Injector, Indicator DXL 870.166
Densitometer DXM 870.145
System, Measurement, Blood-Pressure, Non-Invasive DXN 870.113
Transducer, Pressure, Catheter Tip DXO 870.287
Transducer, Vessel Occlusion DXP 870.289
Blood Pressure Cuff DXQ 870.112
Ballistocardiograph DXR 870.232
Gauge, Pressure, Coronary, Cardiopulmonary Bypass DXS 870.431
System, Phonocatheter, Intracavitary DXW 870.127
System, Catheter Control, Steerable DXX 870.129
Introducer, Catheter DYB 870.134
Vectorcardiograph DYC 870.24
Catheter, Flow Directed DYG 870.124
Filter, Blood, Cardiotomy Suction Line, Cardiopulmonary Bypass JOD 870.427
Plethysmograph, Photoelectric, Pneumatic Or Hydraulic JOM 870.278
Transducer, Apex Cardiographic JON 870.284
Transducer, Heart Sound JOO 870.286
Transducer, Ultrasonic JOP 870.288
Sleeve, Limb, Compressible JOW 870.58
Catheter, Continuous Flush KRA 870.121
Probe, Thermodilution KRB 870.1915
Tester, Electrode, Surface, Electrocardiographic KRC 870.237
Analyzer, Pacemaker Generator Function, Indirect KRE 870.364
Manometer, Blood-Pressure, Venous KRK 870.114
Detector, Bubble, Cardiopulmonary Bypass KRL 870.4205
Catheter, Angioplasty, Peripheral, Transluminal LIT 870.125
Syringe, Balloon Inflation MAV 870.165
Catheter, Peripheral, Atherectomy MCW 870.4875
Valvulotome MGZ 870.4885
Cpb Check Valve, Retrograde Flow, In-Line MJJ 870.44
Catheter, Intravascular Occluding, Temporary MJN 870.445
Monitor, St Segment MLC 870.234
Device, Percutaneous Retrieval MMX 870.515
Monitor, Physiological, Patient (Without Arrhythmia Detection Or Alarms) MWI 870.23
System, Catheter Control, Reprocessed NKR 870.129
Catheter, Steerable, Reprocessed NKS 870.128
Injector And Syringe, Angiographic, Balloon Inflation, Reprocessed NKU 870.165
Actuator, Syringe, For Injector, Reprocessed NKW 870.167
Oximeter, Tissue Saturation, Reprocessed NMD 870.27
Clamp, Vascular, Reprocessed NMF 870.445
Trocar, Reprocessed NMK 870.139
Reprocessed Blood Pressure Cuff NPP 870.112
Stabilizer, Heart, Non-Compression, Reprocessed NQG 870.45
Catheter, Angioplasty, Peripheral, Transluminal, Dual-Balloon NVM 870.125
Hyperthermia Monitor NZE 870.59
Antimicrobial Blood Pressure Cuff OED 870.112
Esophageal Thermal Regulation And Gastric Suctioning Device PLA 870.591
Sleeve, Head And Neck, Compressible PPS 870.58
Adjunctive Open Loop Fluid Therapy Recommender QMS 870.56
Surgical Device, For Cutting, Coagulation, And/Or Ablation Of Tissue, Including Cardiac Tissue OCL 878.44
Adhesive, Bracket And Tooth Conditioner, Resin DYH 872.375
Bracket, Plastic, Orthodontic DYW 872.547
Headgear, Extraoral, Orthodontic DZB 872.55
Saw, Bone, Ac-Powered DZH 872.412
Drill, Bone, Powered DZI 872.412
Driver, Wire, And Bone Drill, Manual DZJ 872.412
Detector, Ultraviolet EAQ 872.635
Sealant, Pit And Fissure, And Conditioner EBC 872.3765
Coating, Filling Material, Resin EBD 872.331
Material, Tooth Shade, Resin EBF 872.369
Crown And Bridge, Temporary, Resin EBG 872.377
Resin, Denture, Relining, Repairing, Rebasing EBI 872.376
Controller, Foot, Handpiece And Cord EBW 872.42
Activator, Ultraviolet, For Polymerization EBZ 872.607
Sterilizer, Boiling Water ECG 872.671
Handpiece, Belt And/Or Gear Driven, Dental EFA 872.42
Handpiece, Air-Powered, Dental EFB 872.42
Injector, Jet, Mechanical-Powered EGM 872.4475
Injector, Jet, Gas-Powered EGQ 872.4465
Handpiece, Contra- And Right-Angle Attachment, Dental EGS 872.42
Unit, Operative Dental EIA 872.664
Powder, Porcelain EIH 872.666
Alloy, Amalgam EJJ 872.307
Liner, Cavity, Calcium Hydroxide EJK 872.325
Handpiece, Direct Drive, Ac-Powered EKX 872.42
Handpiece, Water-Powered EKY 872.42
Unit, Electrosurgical, And Accessories, Dental EKZ 872.492
Scaler, Rotary ELB 872.484
Scaler, Ultrasonic ELC 872.485
Teeth, Porcelain ELL 872.392
Material, Impression ELW 872.366
Mercury ELY 872.307
Cement, Dental EMA 872.3275
Resin, Root Canal Filling KIF 872.382
Chair, Dental, With Operative Unit KLC 872.625
Agent, Tooth Bonding, Resin KLE 872.32
Handpiece, Rotary Bone Cutting KMW 872.412
Airbrush KOJ 872.608
Solution, Cement Dissolving KZP 872.375
Varnish, Cavity LBH 872.326
Device, Caries Detection LFC 872.174
Device, Jaw Repositioning LQZ 872.557
Device, Anti-Snoring LRK 872.557
Device, Detection, Sulfide MVH 872.187
System, Dental, Hydrokinetic, Caries Removal & Cavity Preparation MXF 872.412
Dental Cement W/Out Zinc-Oxide Eugenol As An Ulcer Covering For Pain Relief MZW 872.3275
Bracket, Ceramic, Orthodontic NJM 872.547
Bracket, Plastic, Orthodontic, Reprocessed NLC 872.547
Instrument, Diamond, Dental, Reprocessed NLD 872.4535
Bur, Diamond Coated, Reprocessed NME 872.324
Needle, Dental, Reprocessed NMW 872.473
Bracket, Metal, Orthodontic, Reprocessed NQS 872.541
Caries Detector, Laser Light, Transmission NTK 872.1745
Rinse, Oral, Antibacterial (By Physical Means) NTO 872.558
Aligner, Sequential NXC 872.547
Diagnostic Light, Soft Tissue Detector NXV 872.635
Handpiece, Air-Powered, Root Canal Irrigation NYL 872.42
Expiratory Resistance Valve, Intranasal, For Obstructive Sleep Apnea OHP 872.557
Dental Amalgam OIV 872.307
Orthodontic Vibratory Accessory OYH 872.547
Diammine Silver Fluoride Dental Hypersensitivity Varnish PHR 872.326
Prophy Powder, Airbrush Accessory PIP 872.608
Sleep Appliances With Patient Monitoring PLC 872.557
Orthodontic Led Accessory PLH 872.547
Orthodontic Software PNN 872.547
Crown And Bridge, Long-Term Temporary, Resin POW 872.377
Solution, Cold Sterilizing LFE 880.6885
Oral Lubricant ONK 880.6375
Device, Muscle Monitoring KZM 890.1375
Stimulator, Muscle, Powered, Dental NUW 890.585
Laser, Dental, Soft Tissue NVK 878.481
Dental Barriers And Sleeves PEM 878.437
Pillow, Cervical (For Mild Sleep Apnea) MYB 872.557
Curette, Biopsy, Bronchoscope (Non-Rigid) BST 874.468
Brush, Biopsy, Bronchoscope (Non-Rigid) BTG 874.468
Forceps, Biopsy, Bronchoscope (Non-Rigid) BWH 874.468
Telescope, Laryngeal-Bronchial ENZ 874.468
Nasopharyngoscope (Flexible Or Rigid) EOB 874.476
Drill, Surgical, Ent (Electric Or Pneumatic) Including Handpiece ERL 874.425
Tester, Auditory Impedance ETY 874.109
Laser, Ent Microsurgical Carbon-Dioxide EWG 874.45
Claw, Foreign Body, Bronchoscope (Non-Rigid) JEI 874.468
Tubing, Instrumentation, Bronchoscope (Brush Sheath A/O Aspirating) JEJ 874.468
Masker, Tinnitus KLW 874.34
Laser, Microsurgical Argon, For Uses Other Than Otology, Including Laryngology & General Use In Otolaryngology LMS 874.449
Hearing Aid, Bone Conduction LXB 874.3302
Laser, Microsurgical Argon, For Use In Otology LXR 874.449
Tympanometer NAS 874.109
Trocar, Tracheal, Laryngeal, Sinus, Reprocessed NLB 874.442
Ultrasonic Body Composition Analyzer OMV 870.277
Tube, Nasogastric BSS 876.598
Catheter, Ureteral, Gastro-Urology EYB 876.513
Catheter, Upper Urinary Tract EYC 876.513
Catheter, Coude EZC 876.513
Catheter, Straight EZD 876.513
Catheter, Retention Type EZK 876.598
Catheter, Retention Type, Balloon EZL 876.513
Dilator, Catheter, Ureteral EZN 876.547
Stent, Ureteral FAD 876.462
Dilator, Urethral, Mechanical FAH 876.552
Electrode, Electrosurgical, Active, Urological FAS 876.43
Endoscopic Injection Needle, Gastroenterology-Urology FBK 876.15
Bag, Hemostatic FCB 876.598
Instrument, Biopsy, Mechanical, Gastrointestinal FCF 876.1075
Biopsy Needle FCG 876.1075
Punch, Biopsy FCI 876.1075
Instrument, Biopsy, Suction FCK 876.1075
Tray, Catheterization, Sterile Urethral, With Or Without Catheter (Kit) FCM 876.513
Insufflator, Automatic Carbon-Dioxide For Endoscope FCX 876.15
Snare, Flexible FDI 876.43
Endoscopic Cytology Brush FDX 876.15
Tube, Single Lumen, With Mercury Wt Balloon For Intestinal Intubation And / Or Decompression FEF 876.598
Tube, Double Lumen For Intestinal Decompression And/Or Intubation FEG 876.598
Electrode, Flexible Suction Coagulator FEH 876.43
Lithotriptor, Ultrasonic FEO 876.448
Recorder, External, Pressure, Amplifier & Transducer FES 876.1725
Catheter, Malecot FEW 876.509
Tube, Drainage, Suprapubic FFA 876.509
System, Alarm, Electrosurgical FFI 876.43
Lithotriptor, Electro-Hydraulic FFK 876.448
Image, Illumination, Fiberoptic, For Endoscope FFS 876.15
String And Tubes, Gastrointestinal, To Locate Internal Bleeding FFW 876.598
System, Gastrointestinal Motility (Electrical) FFX 876.1725
Catheter, Ureteral Disposable (X-Ray) FGF 876.513
Catheter, Double Lumen Female Urethrographic FGH 876.513
Catheter, Urethrographic, Male FGI 876.513
Tripsor, Stone, Bladder FGK 876.45
Pneumoperitoneum Needle FHO 876.15
Needle, Pneumoperitoneum, Simple FHP 876.15
Set, Gavage, Infant, Sterile FHT 876.598
Jelly, Lubricating, For Transurethral Surgical Instrument FHX 876.15
Jelly, Contact, For Transurethral Surgical Instrument FHY 876.43
Tank, Holding, Dialysis FIN 876.582
Subsystem, Water Purification FIP 876.5665
Manometer, Water FJA 876.582
Plier, Tube FJO 876.554
Adaptor, Y FJP 876.582
Declotting Tray, Kit (Including Contents) FJZ 876.582
Dilator, Vessel FKA 876.554
Solution-Test Standard-Conductivity, Dialysis FKH 876.582
Adaptor, Fistula FKM 876.582
Meter, Conductivity, Induction, Remote Type FLB 876.582
Tube, Levine FRQ 876.598
Lamp, Endoscope, Incandescent FTI 876.15
Catheter, Ureteral, General & Plastic Surgery GBL 876.513
Catheter, Urethral GBM 876.513
Catheter, Rectal GBT 876.598
Biliary Catheter For Stone Removal That May Also Allow For Irrigation And Contrast Injection GCA 876.501
Catheter (Gastric, Colonic, Etc.), Irrigation And Aspiration KDH 876.598
Container, Transport, Kidney KDK 876.588
System, Perfusion, Kidney KDN 876.588
Tube, Gastro-Enterostomy KGC 876.598
Forceps, Biopsy, Electric KGE 876.43
Monitor, Esophageal Motility, Anorectal Motility, And Tube KLA 876.1725
Unit, Electrosurgical, Endoscopic (With Or Without Accessories) KNS 876.43
Accessories, Catheter, G-U KNY 876.513
Catheter, Urological KOD 876.513
Stimulator, Electrical, Non-Implantable, For Incontinence KPI 876.532
Intestinal Splinting Tubes LCG 876.598
System, Irrigation, Urological LJH 876.513
Dislodger, Stone, Biliary LQR 876.501
Catheter, Urological (Antimicrobial) And Accessories MJC 876.513
Strip, Dialysate Ph Indicator MNV 876.582
Instrument, Biopsy, Reprocessed NLS 876.1075
Catheter, Biliary, Reprocessed NML 876.501
Needle And Needle Set, Gastro-Urology, Reprocessed NMX 876.1075
Forceps, Biopsy, Non-Electric, Reprocessed NON 876.1075
Dislodger, Stone, Flexible, Ureteral, Reprocessed NQT 876.468
Dislodger, Stone, Basket, Ureteral, Metal, Reprocessed NQU 876.468
Kit, Catheter, Urinary (Exludes Hiv Testing) NWO 876.513
Anti Fog Solution And Accessories, Endoscopy OCT 876.15
Endoscopic Grasping/Cutting Instrument, Non-Powered OCZ 876.15
Rectal Insert PBP 876.598
Laparoscopic Bladder-Neck Suspension Instrument, Stress Urinary Incontinence OCQ 884.172
Laser For Gastro-Urology Use LNK 878.481
Centrifuge For Preparation Of Cell Concentrate And/Or Plasma Concentrate QBV 862.205
Fibrinogen And Fibrin Split Products, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAP 864.732
Fibrinogen And Split Products, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAR 864.734
Fibrinogen And Split Products, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAT 864.734
Fibrinogen And Split Products, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAX 864.734
Fibrinogen And Split Products, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAZ 864.734
Antigen, Antiserum, Control, Antithrombin Iii DDQ 864.706
Fibrinogen Determination Standards And Controls GFK 864.734
Activated Partial Thromboplastin GFO 864.7925
Protamine Sulphate GFT 864.7525
Guaiac Reagent GGG 864.655
Reagent, Thromboplastin And Control GGO 864.7925
Test, Qualitative And Quantitative Factor Deficiency GGP 864.729
Assay, Erythropoietin GGT 864.725
Test, Time, Partial Thromboplastin GGW 864.7925
Oxyhemoglobin GGZ 864.75
Hemoglobin, Alkali Resistant GHA 864.7455
Fibrin Split Products GHH 864.732
Test, Sickle Cell GHM 864.7825
Reagent, Platelet Aggregation GHR 864.57
Assay, Carboxyhemoglobin GHS 864.7425
Hemoglobinometer GIG 864.75
Hemoglobin S GIQ 864.7415
Reagent, Russel Viper Venom GIR 864.895
Test, Fibrinogen GIS 864.734
Reagent & Control, Partial Thromboplastin Time GIT 864.7925
Test, Thrombin Time GJA 864.7875
Thrombin GJB 864.7875
Assay, Sulfhemoglobin GJC 864.749
Plasma, Coagulation Factor Deficient GJT 864.729
Cyanomethemoglobin Reagent And Standard Solution GJZ 864.75
Abnormal Hemoglobin Quantitation GKA 864.7415
Cyanomethemoglobin GKK 864.75
Counter, Cell, Automated (Particle Counter) GKL 864.52
Timer, Clot, Automated GKN 864.54
Instrument, Coagulation, Automated GKP 864.54
Aggregometer, Platelet, Thrombokinetogram GKW 864.6675
Instrument, Automated Platelet Counting GKX 864.52
Oximeter To Measure Hemoglobin GLY 864.75
Solubility, Hemoglobin, Abnormal JBB 864.7825
System, Analysis, Electrophoretic Hemoglobin JBD 864.744
Cell Enzymes (Erythrocytic And Leukocytic) JBE 864.71
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Screening JBF 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Spot JBG 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Micromethod JBH 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Catalase Inhibition JBI 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Methemoglobin Reduction JBJ 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), U.V. Kinetic JBK 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Quantitative JBL 864.736
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Erythrocytic), Electrophoresis JBM 864.736
Activated Whole Blood Clotting Time JBP 864.714
Antithrombin Iii Quantitation JBQ 864.706
Test, Heparin Neutralization JBR 864.7525
Red-Cell Indices, Measured JBW 864.53
Aggregrometer, Platelet JBX 864.6675
Aggregometer, Platelet, Photo-Optical Scanning JBY 864.6675
Bothrops Atrox Reagent JCO 864.81
Blood, Occult, Colorimetric, In Urine JIO 864.655
Blood, Occult, Enzymatic Method, In Urine JIP 864.655
Isoenzymes, Electrophoretic, Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase JLM 864.736
Visual, Semi-Quant. (Colorimetric), Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase JMB 864.736
Nadp Reduction (U.V.), Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase JMC 864.736
Analyzer, Heparin, Automated JOX 864.568
Device, Automated Cell-Locating JOY 864.526
System, Automated Platelet Aggregation JOZ 864.57
System, Multipurpose For In Vitro Coagulation Studies JPA 864.5425
Hemoglobin M JPB 864.7415
Hemoglobin F Quantitation JPC 864.7455
Hemoglobin A2 Quantitation JPD 864.74
Antithrombin Iii, Two Stage Clotting Time Assay JPE 864.706
Red-Cell Indices, Calculated JPJ 864.53
Device, Blood Volume Measuring JWO 864.595
Assay, Heparin KFF 864.7525
Reagent, Occult Blood KHE 864.655
Whole Blood Hemoglobin Determination KHG 864.75
Assay, Erythrocytic Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase KQE 864.736
Instrument, Coagulation KQG 864.54
Red-Cell Indices KQH 864.53
Assay, Fetal Hemoglobin KQI 864.7455
System, Fibrinogen Determination KQJ 864.734
Platelet Factor 4 Radioimmunoassay LCO 864.7695
Assay, Bart’S, Hemoglobin LGL 864.75
Assay, Alpha-2-Antiplasmin LGP 864.5425
Counter, Urine Particle LKM 864.52
Red-Cell Count By Photometry LKZ 864.71
Kit, Igg, Platelet Associated LLG 864.5425
Dna-Probe, B And T Lymphocyte MAM 864.522
Prothrombin Fragment 1.2 MIF 864.732
Hemoglobin C (Abnormal Hemoglobin Variant) MLL 864.7415
11-Dehydro Thromboxane B2 Kit, Urinary OBW 864.57
Vitamin K Epoxide Reductase Complex Subunit One (Vkorc1) Genotyping System ODV 864.775
Test 5, 10-Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Mutations, Genomic Dna Pcr OMM 864.728
Automated Occult Blood Analyzer OOX 864.655
Flow Cytometric Reagents And Accessories. OYE 864.522
Automated Multicolor Fluorescent Imaging Cytometric Analysis System PMG 864.522
Semen Analysis Device POV 864.522
Flow Cytometric Test System For Hematopoietic Neoplasms PWD 864.701
Device, General Purpose, Hematology LOQ 866.601
Filter, Bacterial, Breathing-Circuit CAH 868.526
Catheter, Percutaneous, Intraspinal, Short Term MAJ 868.512
Actuator, Syringe, Injector Type DQF 870.167
Withdrawal/Infusion Pump DQI 870.18
Injector And Syringe, Angiographic DXT 870.165
Injector, Contrast Medium, Automatic IZQ 870.165
Injector, Contrast Medium, Automatic, Reprocessed NKP 870.165
Injector And Syringe, Angiographic, Reprocessed NKT 870.165
Set, Blood Transfusion BRZ 880.544
Monitor, Spinal-Fluid Pressure, Electrically Powered CAR 880.246
Sterilizer, Steam FLE 880.688
Cabinet, Ethylene-Oxide Gas Aerator FLI 880.61
Thermometer, Electronic, Clinical FLL 880.291
Monitor, Electric For Gravity Flow Infusion Systems FLN 880.242
Patient Examination Glove FMC 880.625
Syringe, Piston FMF 880.586
Stopcock, I.V. Set FMG 880.544
Needle, Hypodermic, Single Lumen FMI 880.557
Manometer, Spinal-Fluid FMJ 880.25
Warmer, Infant Radiant FMT 880.513
Incubator, Neonatal FMZ 880.54
Catheter, Umbilical Artery FOS 880.52
Catheter, Intravascular, Therapeutic, Short-Term Less Than 30 Days FOZ 880.52
Set, Administration, Intravascular FPA 880.544
Filter, Infusion Line FPB 880.544
Tubing, Fluid Delivery FPK 880.544
Incubator, Neonatal Transport FPL 880.541
Purifier, Air, Ultraviolet, Medical FRA 880.65
Indicator, Biological Sterilization Process FRC 880.28
Cleaner, Air, Medical Recirculating FRF 880.5045
Wrap, Sterilization FRG 880.685
Holder, Infant Position FRP 880.568
Chamber, Reverse Isolation, Patient Care FRR 880.545
Indicator, Physical/Chemical Sterilization Process JOJ 880.28
Sterilization Wrap Containers, Trays, Cassettes & Other Accessories KCT 880.685
Sterilizer, Dry Heat KMH 880.687
Container, I.V. KPE 880.5025
Unit, Neonatal Phototherapy LBI 880.57
Chamber, Patient Isolation LGM 880.545
Chamber, Patient Transport Isolation LGN 880.545
Set, I.V. Fluid Transfer LHI 880.544
Indicator, Sterilization LRT 880.28
Latex Patient Examination Glove LYY 880.625
Vinyl Patient Examination Glove LYZ 880.625
Polymer Patient Examination Glove LZA 880.625
Medical Glove, Specialty LZC 880.625
Cleaners, Medical Devices MDZ 880.6992
Sterilant, Medical Devices MED 880.6885
Syringe, Antistick MEG 880.586
Check Valve, Retrograde Flow (In-Line) MJF 880.544
Device, Germicidal, Ultraviolet MKB 880.65
Sterilizer, Chemical MLR 880.686
Container, Sharps MMK 880.557
Lubricant, Vaginal, Patient MMS 880.6375
Indicator, Biological, Liquid Chemical Sterilization Process MRB 880.28
Indicator, Chemical, Enzymatic, Sterilization Process MTC 880.28
Needle, Hypodermic, Single Lumen, Reprocessed NKK 880.557
Stimulator, Intramuscular, Automatic NRW 880.558
Indicator, Physical/Chemical, Storage Temperature OCI 880.28
Powder-Free Guayle Rubber Examination Glove OIG 880.625
Radiant Infant Warmer Cabinet ONM 880.513
Powder-Free Polychloroprene Patient Examination Glove OPC 880.625
Radiation Attenuating Medical Glove OPH 880.625
Medical Gloves With Chemotherapy Labeling Claims – Test For Use With Chemotherapy Drugs OPJ 880.625
Antimicrobial Keyboard OSZ 880.66
Infant Positioner, Rx, Use In Highly Monitored Setting OUW 880.568
Blanket, Neonatal Phototherapy PDH 880.57
Sterilizer Automated Loading System PEC 880.688
Non-Stainless Steel Needle PVZ 880.557
Piston Syringe Lever QBL 880.586
High Level Disinfection Reprocessing Instrument For Ultrasonic Transducers, Mist OUJ 892.157
Unit, Airflow, Laminar FLJ 878.507
Unit, Isolation, Surgical FRT 878.507
Mask, Surgical FXX 878.404
Hood, Surgical FXY 878.404
Gown, Patient FYB 878.404
Apparatus, Exhaust, Surgical FYD 878.507
Surgeon’S Gloves KGO 878.446
Drape, Surgical KKX 878.437
Cover, Barrier, Protective MMP 878.437
Air Filter Portable Apparatus ORC 878.507
Mercy Tape 2d And 3d Models PIR 878.48
Assay, T Lymphocyte Surface Marker LIZ 864.522
Assay, B Lymphocyte Marker LJD 864.522
Assay, Proliferation, In Vitro, T Lymphocyte NID 864.522
Flow Cytometry Calibrator PDX 864.522
Immunoelectrophoretic, Immunoglobulins, (G, A, M) CFF 866.551
Method, Nephelometric, Immunoglobulins (G, A, M) CFN 866.551
Radioimmunoassay, Immunoglobulins (G, A, M) CFQ 866.551
Method, Immunodiffusion, Immunoglobulins (G, A, M) CGM 866.551
Igd, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZJ 866.551
Iga, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZK 866.551
Iga, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZL 866.551
Iga, Ferritin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZM 866.551
Iga, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZN 866.551
Iga, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZP 866.551
Bence-Jones Protein, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZQ 866.515
Complement C3, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZW 866.524
Complement C1s, Antigen, Antiserum, Control CZY 866.524
Complement C3b Activator, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAC 866.526
Complement C9, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAE 866.524
Gamma Globulin, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAF 866.551
Complement C8, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAG 866.524
Gamma Globulin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAH 866.551
Complement C1r, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAI 866.524
Complement C1q, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAK 866.524
Fibrinopeptide A, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAN 866.535
Igm (Mu Chain Specific), Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAO 866.555
Complement C5, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAY 866.524
Complement C1 Inhibitor (Inactivator), Antigen, Antiserum, Control DBA 866.525
Antismooth Muscle Antibody, Indirect Immunofluorescent, Antigen, Control DBE 866.512
Ferritin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DBF 866.534
Complement C4, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DBI 866.524
Antiparietal Antibody, Indirect Immunofluorescent, Antigen, Control DBJ 866.511
Multiple Autoantibodies, Indirect Immunofluorescent, Antigen, Control DBL 866.566
Antimitochondrial Antibody, Indirect Immunofluorescent, Antigen, Control DBM 866.509
System, Test, C-Reactive Protein, Rhodamine DCH 866.527
C-Reactive Protein, Antigen, Antiserum, And Control DCK 866.527
System, Test, C-Reactive Protein DCN 866.527
Thyroglobulin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDC 866.587
Transferrin, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDD 866.588
Transferrin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDG 866.588
Transferrin, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDI 866.588
Thyroglobulin, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDJ 866.587
Thyroglobulin, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDL 866.587
Myoglobin, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDO 866.568
Myoglobin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DDR 866.568
Myoglobin, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEA 866.568
Lambda, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEH 866.555
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEI 866.513
Kappa, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEK 866.555
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEM 866.513
Kappa, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEO 866.555
Alpha-1-Lipoprotein, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DER 866.558
Lambda, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DES 866.555
Igg, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEW 866.551
Igm, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEZ 866.555
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFB 866.513
Lipoprotein, Low-Density, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFC 866.56
Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFF 866.508
Lambda, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFG 866.555
Kappa, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFH 866.555
Igm, Ferritin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFL 866.555
Ige, Ferritin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFM 866.551
Igg, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFO 866.551
Igm, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFS 866.555
Igm, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFT 866.555
Igg (Gamma Chain Specific), Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFZ 866.551
Ige, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGC 866.551
Igg, Ferritin, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGD 866.551
Igd, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGE 866.551
Igd, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGG 866.551
Igg, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGK 866.551
Ige, Rhodamine, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGL 866.551
Ige, Fitc, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGP 866.551
System, Test, Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis DGW 866.55
System, Test, Radioallergosorbent (Rast) Immunological DHB 866.575
System, Test, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus DHC 866.582
Antinuclear Antibody, Indirect Immunofluorescent, Antigen, Control DHN 866.51
System, Test, Rheumatoid Factor DHR 866.5775
System, Test, Carcinoembryonic Antigen DHX 866.601
Radioimmunoassay, Immunoglobulins (D, E) JHR 866.551
Immunochemical, Bence-Jones Protein JKM 866.515
Immunochemical, Thyroglobulin Autoantibody JNL 866.587
Immunochemical, Transferrin JNM 866.588
System, Test, Thyroid Autoantibody JZO 866.587
Anti-Dna Indirect Immunofluorescent Solid Phase KTL 866.51
C3-Indirect Immunofluorescent Solid Phase KTM 866.524
Complement C3b Activator Immunoassay Reagents KTP 866.526
Second Antibody (Species Specific Anti-Animal Gamma Globulin) KTS 866.551
Antinuclear Antibody (Enzyme-Labeled), Antigen, Controls LJM 866.51
Antinuclear Antibody, Antigen, Control LKJ 866.51
Anti-Rnp Antibody, Antigen And Control LKO 866.51
Anti-Sm Antibody, Antigen And Control LKP 866.51
Extractable Antinuclear Antibody, Antigen And Control LLL 866.51
Kit, Test,Alpha-Fetoprotein For Testicular Cancer LOJ 866.601
Anti-Dna Antibody (Enzyme-Labeled), Antigen, Control LRM 866.51
Anti-Dna Antibody, Antigen And Control LSW 866.51
Prostate-Specific Antigen (Psa) For Management Of Prostate Cancers LTJ 866.601
Test, Epithelial Ovarian Tumor-Associated Antigen (Ca125) LTK 866.601
System, Test, Anticardiolipin Immunological MID 866.566
Enzyme Immunoassay, Antiparietal Cell Antibody, Antigen, Control MLE 866.511
Strip, Hama Igg, Elisa, In Vitro Test System MLH 866.551
System, Test, Tumor Marker, Monitoring, Bladder MMW 866.601
Test System, Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies (Anca) MOB 866.566
System, Test, Immunological, Antigen, Tumor MOI 866.601
Anti-Ribosomal P Antibodies MQA 866.51
Antibodies, Gliadin MST 866.575
System,Test,Antibodies,B2 – Glycoprotein I (B2 – Gpi) MSV 866.566
System, Test, Thyroglobulin MSW 866.601
Kit, Test For Nuclear Matrix (Numa) Protein (For Monitoring And Management Of Colorectal Cancer) MUT 866.601
Biosensor, Immunoassay, Myoglobin MVE 866.568
Devices, Measure, Antibodies To Glomerular Basement Membrane (Gbm) MVJ 866.566
Autoantibodies, Endomysial(Tissue Transglutaminase) MVM 866.566
Autoantibodies, Skin (Desmoglein 1 And Desmoglein 3) NBO 866.566
Autoantibodies, Lkm-1 (Liver/Kidney Microsome, Type 1) NBS 866.566
Antibodies, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (S.Cerevisiae) NBT 866.5785
System, Test, Her-2/Neu, Monitoring NCW 866.601
Antibodies, Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide (Ccp) NHX 866.5775
System, Test, Carbohydrate Antigen (Ca19-9), For Monitoring And Management Of Pancreatic Cancer NIG 866.601
Autoantibodies, Anti-Soluble Liver Antigen (Sla), Autoimmune Hepatitis NIY 866.566
Antibodies, Anti-Actin, Anti-Smooth Muscle NJF 866.512
Test, System, Immunoassay, Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 NOE 866.56
Antigen, Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein (Comp) NPH 866.5775
Cardiac C-Reactive Protein, Antigen, Antiserum, And Control NQD 866.527
Autoantibodies, Nuclear Pore Glycoprotein Gp210 NRI 866.509
Complement 4d (C4d) And Complement Receptor 1 (Cr1) NRX 866.582
Test, Alpha Fetoprotein L3 Subfraction (Afp-L3%), For Hepatocellular Carcinoma Risk Assessment NSF 866.603
Autoantibodies, Acetylcholine Receptor, Acetylcholine Blocking And Non-Blocking NST 866.566
System, Test, Fibrin/Fibrinogen Degradation Products For Monitoring Of Colorectal Cancer NTY 866.601
Autoantibodies, Nuclear Body Protein, Sp100 NUM 866.509
Cancer Monitoring Test System, Soluble Mesothelin-Related Peptides, Mesothelioma NVA 866.601
Autoantibodies, Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (Gad) NWG 866.566
Calprotectin, Fecal NXO 866.518
Autoantibodies, Anti-Ribonucleic Acid Polymerase (Rnap) Iii Antibody NYO 866.51
Des-Gamma-Carboxy-Prothrombin (Dcp), Risk Assessment, Hepatocellular Carcinoma OAU 866.603
Anti-Ss-A 52 Autoantibodies OBE 866.51
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Kit, Qualitative Phenotype OBZ 866.513
Insulin Autoantibody Kit OCN 866.566
Autoantibodies, Skin (Bullous Pemphigoid 180 And Bullous Pemphigoid 230 OEG 866.566
Tyrosine Phosphatase (Ia-2) Autoantibody Assay OIF 866.566
Test, Epithelial Ovarian Tumor Associated Antigen (He4) OIU 866.601
Antibodies, Outer-Membrane Proteins OKM 866.5785
Auto-Antibodies; Phosphatidylserine, Prothrombin, Phosphatidylserine/Prothrombin Complex OPN 866.566
Immunoglobulin A Kappa Heavy & Light Chain Combined OPX 866.551
Igal Heavy & Light Chain Combined OPY 866.551
Anti-Mutated Citrullinated Vimentin Igg OQZ 866.5775
Anti-Glutamate Receptor (Type Nmda) Ifa OSK 866.566
Cytokeratin Fragments 21-1 Eia Kit OVK 866.601
Tryptase Assay System OYL 866.576
Voltage Gated  Calcium Channel (Vgcc) Antibody Assay PAF 866.566
21-Hydroxylase Antibody (21-Ohab) PCG 866.566
Immunoglobulin G Kappa Heavy And Light Chain Combined PCN 866.551
Immunoglobulin G Lambda Heavy And Light Chain Combined PCO 866.551
Immunoglobulin M Kappa Heavy And Light Chain Combined PDE 866.551
Immunoglobulin M Lambda Heavy And Light Chain Combined PDF 866.551
Anti-Ss-A Ro60 Autoantibodies PET 866.51
Zinc Transporter 8 Auto-Antibody PHF 866.567
Automated Indirect Immunofluorescence Microscope And Software-Assisted System For Clinical Use PIV 866.475
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Disorder (Scid) Newborn Screening Test System PJI 866.593
Aquaporin-4 Autoantibody PNI 866.5665
Serpina1 Variant Detection System PZH 866.513
Brain Trauma Assessment Test QAT 866.583
Anti-Phospholipase A2 Receptor PGV 866.578
Ovarian Adnexal Mass Assessment Score Test System ONX 866.605
Diagnostic Software, K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, Autoimmune Disease NVI 862.31
System, Test, Infectious Mononucleosis KTN 866.564
Antigens, If, Toxoplasma Gondii GLZ 866.378
Antigens, Iha, Toxoplasma Gondii GMM 866.378
Antigens, Cf, Toxoplasma Gondii GMN 866.378
Antisera, Control For Nontreponemal Tests GMP 866.382
Antigens, Nontreponemal, All GMQ 866.382
Sera, Reactive And Non-Specific Control, Fta-Abs Test GMR 866.383
Anti-Human Globulin, Fta-Abs Test GMS 866.383
Antigens, Ha, Treponema Pallidum GMT 866.383
Test, Sorbent, Fta-Abs GMW 866.383
Antisera, Fluorescent Antibody For Fta-Abs Test GMX 866.383
Antigen, Iha, T. Cruzi GND 866.387
Antigen, Latex Agglutination, T. Cruzi GNE 866.387
Antigen, Cf, T. Cruzi GNF 866.387
Antiserum, Cf, Epstein-Barr Virus GNP 866.3235
Antigen, Cf (Including Cf Control), Epstein-Barr Virus GNQ 866.3235
Antisera, Neutralization, Rubella GOJ 866.351
Antisera, Hai (Including Hai Control), Rubella GOK 866.351
Antigen, Ha (Including Ha Control), Rubella GOL 866.351
Antisera, Cf, Rubella GOM 866.351
Antigen, Cf (Including Cf Control), Rubella GON 866.351
Antiserum, Cf, Psittacosis (Chlamydia Group) GPT 866.312
Antigen, Cf, Psittacosis (Chlamydia Group) GPW 866.312
Antigen, Cf (Including Cf Control), Cytomegalovirus GQH 866.3175
Antiserum, Cf, Cytomegalovirus GQI 866.3175
Antigen, Cf, (Including Cf Control), Varicella-Zoster GQW 866.39
Antiserum, Cf, Varicella-Zoster GQX 866.39
Antiserum, Fluorescent, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis GRT 866.337
Antiserum, Fluorescent, Campylobacter Fetus GSP 866.311
Antiserum, Fluorescent (Direct Test), All Groups, N. Gonorrhoeae GTH 866.339
Antisera, Fluorescent, All Groups, N. Meningitidis GTI 866.339
Antisera, All Groups, N. Meningitidis GTJ 866.339
Antiserum, Fluorescent, Epstein-Barr Virus JRY 866.3235
Culture Media, Anaerobic Transport JSL 866.239
Culture Media, Non-Propagating Transport JSM 866.239
Culture Media, Propagating Transport JSN 866.239
Culture Media, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test, Excluding Mueller Hinton Agar JSO 866.17
Susceptibility Test Discs, Antimicrobial JTN 866.162
Susceptibility Test Powders, Antimicrobial JTT 866.164
System, Transport, Aerobic JTW 866.29
Transport Systems, Anaerobic JTX 866.29
Culture Media, For Isolation Of Pathogenic Neisseria JTY 866.241
Culture Media, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test, Mueller Hinton Agar/Broth JTZ 866.17
Antigen, Treponema Pallidum For Fta-Abs Test JWL 866.383
Manual Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Systems JWY 866.164
Reader, Zone, Automated KZK 866.285
Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay, Rubella LFX 866.351
Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay, Varicella-Zoster LFY 866.39
Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay, Toxoplasma Gondii LGD 866.378
Antiserum, Coagglutination (Direct) Neisseria Gonorrhoeae LIC 866.339
Reagent/Device, Inoculum Calibration LIE 866.164
Antisera, Conjugated Fluorescent, Cytomegalovirus LIN 866.3175
Device, Specimen Collection LIO 866.29
Antigen, Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae LIR 866.339
Enzyme Linked Immunoabsorbent Assay, (Chlamydiae Group) LJC 866.312
Antisera, If, Toxoplasma Gondii LJK 866.378
Antibody Igm, If, Epstein-Barr Virus LJN 866.3235
Antigen, Iha, Cytomegalovirus LJO 866.3175
Antiserum, Fluorescent, Chlamydia Trachomatis LJP 866.312
Culture Media, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test LKA 866.17
Antisera, Immunoperoxidase, Chlamydia Spp. LKH 866.312
Antisera, Fluorescent, Chlamydia Spp. LKI 866.312
Antibody Igm,If, Cytomegalovirus Virus LKQ 866.3175
Direct Agglutination Test, Toxoplasma Gondii LLA 866.378
Test, Antigen, Nuclear, Epstein-Barr Virus LLM 866.3235
Reagent, Leishmanii Serological LOO 866.387
Solution, Antimicrobial LOP 866.164
Dna-Reagents, Mycobacterium Spp. LQF 866.337
Latex Agglutination Assay, Rubella LQN 866.351
Dna-Reagents, Campylobacter Spp. LQO 866.311
Campylobacter Spp. LQP 866.311
Instrument For Auto Reader & Interpretation Of Overnight Suscept. Systems LRG 866.164
Rubella, Other Assays LSD 866.351
Epstein-Barr Virus, Other LSE 866.3235
Dna-Reagents, Epstein-Barr Virus LSF 866.3235
Antigen, Rubella, Other LSJ 866.351
Dna-Reagents, Chlamydia LSK 866.312
Dna-Reagents, Cytomegalovirus LSO 866.3175
Panels, Test, Susceptibility, Antimicrobial LTT 866.164
Susceptibility Test Cards, Antimicrobial LTW 866.164
Discs, Elution LTX 866.162
Pneumocystis Carinii LYF 866.378
Helicobacter Pylori LYR 866.311
Antigen, Ebv, Capsid MCD 866.3235
System, Blood Culturing MDB 866.256
C. Trachomatis (Chlamydia Group) MGM 866.312
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay, T. Cruzi MIU 866.387
Immunofluorescent Assay, T. Cruzi MIV 866.387
Culture Media, Antimycobacteria, Susceptibility Test MJD 866.17
Culture Media, Antifungal, Susceptibility Test MJE 866.17
Dna Probe, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Chlamydia MKZ 866.312
Test, Urea (Breath Or Blood) MSQ 866.311
System, Test, Genotypic Detection, Resistant Markers, Staphylococcus Colonies MYI 866.164
Assay, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Growth Identification, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis NDZ 866.337
Assay, Direct, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Respiratory Syncytial Virus NHY 866.348
Assay, Direct, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Parainfluenza Virus NHZ 866.34
Assay, Direct, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Influenza Virus NIA 866.333
System, Mycolic Acid Analysis, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis NJO 866.337
Antigen, Galactomannan, Aspergillus Spp. NOM 866.304
Multiplex Immunoassay For Measles Virus, Mumps Virus, Rubella And Varicella Zoster Virus OPL 866.351
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus/Methicillin Susceptible Staphylococcus Aureus Blood  Culture Test Bt OUS 866.205
Immunohistochemical Assay, Helicobacter Pylori OWF 866.311
Leishmania Spp. Antigen Detection Assay PIT 866.387
Assayed External Control Material For Microbiology Nucleic Acid Amplification (Nat) Assays PMN 866.392
Microbial Colony Image Assessment System PPU 866.219
Gbs Culture Media, Selective And Differential PQZ 866.236
Guide, Wire, Catheter, Neurovasculature MOF 870.133
Catheter, Percutaneous, Neurovasculature QJP 870.125
Stimulator, Photic, Evoked Response GWE 882.189
Stimulator, Electrical, Evoked Response GWF 882.187
Stimulator, Auditory, Evoked Response GWJ 882.19
Conditioner, Signal, Physiological GWK 882.1845
Amplifier, Physiological Signal GWL 882.1835
Device, Monitoring, Intracranial Pressure GWM 882.162
Nystagmograph GWN 882.146
Full-Montage Standard Electroencephalograph GWQ 882.14
Analyzer, Spectrum, Electroencephalogram Signal GWS 882.142
Generator, Lesion, Radiofrequency GXD 882.44
Device, Surgical, Cryogenic GXH 882.425
Probe, Radiofrequency Lesion GXI 882.4725
Monitor, Alpha GXS 882.161
Monitor, Lesion Temperature GXT 882.55
Echoencephalograph GXW 882.124
Electrode, Cutaneous GXY 882.132
Electrode, Needle GXZ 882.135
Media, Electroconductive GYB 882.1275
Electrode, Cortical GYC 882.131
Transducer, Tremor GYD 882.195
Stimulator, Neuromuscular, External Functional GZI 882.581
Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, For Pain Relief GZJ 882.589
Electrode, Nasopharyngeal GZK 882.134
Electrode, Depth GZL 882.133
Stimulator, Mechanical, Evoked Response GZP 882.188
Instrument, Dowel Cutting GZQ 882.4275
Retractor, Self-Retaining, For Neurosurgery GZT 882.48
Rongeur, Powered HAD 882.4845
Rongeur, Manual HAE 882.484
Tong, Skull For Traction HAX 882.596
Neurosurgical Paddie HBA 882.47
Motor, Drill, Pneumatic HBB 882.437
Motor, Drill, Electric HBC 882.436
Drills, Burrs, Trephines & Accessories (Simple, Powered) HBE 882.431
Drills, Burrs, Trephines & Accessories (Compound, Powered) HBF 882.4305
Drills, Burrs, Trephines & Accessories (Manual) HBG 882.43
Holder, Head, Neurosurgical (Skull Clamp) HBL 882.446
Clip, Scalp HBO 882.415
Catheter, Ventricular HCA 882.41
Device, Aversive Conditioning HCB 882.5235
Applier, Aneurysm Clip HCI 882.4175
Device, Temperature Measurement, Direct Contact, Powered HCS 882.157
Device, Nerve Conduction Velocity Measurement JXE 882.155
Block, Bite JXL 882.507
Interferential Current Therapy LIH 882.589
Stimulator, Transcutaneous Electrical, Aesthetic Purposes NFO 882.589
Stimulator, Nerve, Electrical, Percutaneous (Pens), For Pain Relief NHI 882.589
Drills, Burrs, Trephines And Accessories (Simple Powered), Reprocessed NLN 882.431
Drills, Burrs, Trephines And Accessories (Manual), Reprocessed NLO 882.43
Drills, Burrs, Trephines, And Accessories (Powered Compound), Reprocessed NLP 882.4305
Instrument, Clip, Forming/Cutting, Reprocessed NMN 882.419
Evoked Potential Stimulator, Thermal NTU 882.187
Stimulator, Nerve, Transcutaneous, Over-The-Counter NUH 882.589
Stimulator, Electrical, Transcutaneous, For Arthritis NYN 882.589
Stimulator, Nerve, Electrical, Transcutaneous, With Limited Output, For Pain Relief NYW 882.589
Stimulator, Electrical, Transcutaneous, With Limited Output, For Aesthetic Purposes NYX 882.589
Stimulator, Nerve, Electrical, Transcutaneous, Limited Output, Arthritis Pain Relief OCF 882.589
Non-Normalizing Quantitative Electroencephalograph Software OLT 882.14
Normalizing Quantitative Electroencephalograph Software OLU 882.14
Standard Polysomnograph With Electroencephalograph OLV 882.14
Source Localization Software For Electroencephalograph Or Magnetoencephalograph OLX 882.14
Magnetoencephalograph OLY 882.14
Amplitude-Integrated Electroencephalograph OMA 882.14
Reduced- Montage Standard Electroencephalograph OMC 882.14
Cranial Motion Measurement Device POP 882.163
Ataxiagraph With Interpretive Software PTB 882.103
Electromyograph, Diagnostic IKN 890.1375
Electrode, Needle, Diagnostic Electromyograph IKT 890.1385
Device, Discharge, Electrostatic (For Pain Relief) NHH 890.55
Plethysmograph, Air Displacement For Body Composition Analysis OAC 870.277
Forceps, Surgical, Gynecological HCZ 884.453
Extractor, Vacuum, Fetal HDB 884.434
Tenaculum, Uterine HDC 884.453
Hook, Destructive, Obstetrical HDI 884.45
Elevator, Uterine HDP 884.453
Cap, Cervical HDR 884.525
Diaphragm, Contraceptive (And Accessories) HDW 884.535
Dilator, Vaginal HDX 884.39
Dilator, Cervical, Hygroscopic-Laminaria HDY 884.426
Knife, Cervical Cone HDZ 884.453
Tampon, Menstrual, Unscented HEB 884.547
Set, Anesthesia, Paracervical HEE 884.51
Set, Anesthesia, Pudendal HEG 884.51
Monitor, Heart-Valve Movement, Fetal, Ultrasonic HEI 884.266
Monitor, Hemic Sound, Ultrasonic HEJ 884.266
Monitor, Heart Sound, Fetal, Ultrasonic HEK 884.266
Monitor, Heart Rate, Fetal, Ultrasonic HEL 884.266
Imager, Ultrasonic Obstetric-Gynecologic HEM 884.2225
Caliper, Fetal Head, Ultrasonic HEN 884.2225
Monitor, Blood-Flow, Ultrasonic HEP 884.266
Monitor, Pressure, Arterial, Fetal, Ultrasonic HEQ 884.266
Insufflator, Carbon-Dioxide, Uterotubal (And Accessories) HES 884.13
Colposcope (And Colpomicroscope) HEX 884.163
Endoscope, Transcervical (Amnioscope)(And Accessories) HEZ 884.166
Aspirator, Endocervical HFC 884.105
Washer, Endometrial HFD 884.1185
Brush, Endometrial HFE 884.11
Aspirator, Endometrial HFF 884.106
Coagulator, Laparoscopic, Unipolar (And Accessories) HFG 884.416
Coagulator, Hysteroscopic (And Accessories) HFH 884.416
Coagulator, Culdoscopic (And Accessories) HFI 884.416
Mold, Vaginal HFK 884.39
Monitor, Uterine Contraction, External (For Use In Clinic) HFM 884.272
Transducer, Pressure, Intrauterine HFN 884.27
Recorder, Pressure, Intrauterine HFO 884.27
Monitor, Phonocardiographic, Fetal HFP 884.264
Clamp, Circumcision HFX 884.453
Craniotribe HFZ 884.45
Cranioclast HGA 884.45
Source, Abortion Unit, Vacuum HGF 884.507
Controller, Abortion Unit, Vacuum HGG 884.507
Cannula, Suction, Uterine HGH 884.507
Electrocautery, Gynecologic (And Accessories) HGI 884.412
Transducer, Ultrasonic, Obstetric HGL 884.296
System, Monitoring, Perinatal HGM 884.274
Electrode, Circular (Spiral), Scalp And Applicator HGP 884.2675
Catheter, Intrauterine And Introducer HGS 884.27
Sampler, Blood, Fetal HGW 884.156
Pump, Breast, Powered HGX 884.516
System, Abortion, Vacuum HHI 884.507
Locator, Intracorporeal Device, Ultrasonic, Obstetric-Gynecologic HHJ 884.2225
Curette, Suction, Endometrial (And Accessories) HHK 884.1175
Cleidoclast HHN 884.45
Screw, Fibroid, Gynecological HHO 884.453
Laser, Surgical, Gynecologic HHR 884.455
Spatula, Cervical, Cytological HHT 884.453
Pessary, Vaginal HHW 884.3575
Holograph, Fetal, Acoustical HHX 884.2225
Insufflator, Hysteroscopic HIG 884.17
Hysteroscope (And Accessories) HIH 884.169
Tampon, Menstrual, Scented, Deodorized HIL 884.546
Coagulator-Cutter, Endoscopic, Bipolar (And Accessories) HIN 884.415
Condom HIS 884.53
Instrument, Destructive, Fetal, Obstetric KNB 884.45
Set, Anesthesia, Obstetric KNE 884.51
Coagulator-Cutter, Endoscopic, Unipolar (And Accessories) KNF 884.416
Monitor, Ultrasonic, Fetal KNG 884.266
Monitor, Cardiac, Fetal KXN 884.26
Monitor, Pressure, Intrauterine KXO 884.27
Stent, Vaginal KXP 884.39
Pelvimeter, Internal LBX 884.453
Cannula, Manipulator/Injector, Uterine LKF 884.453
Laser, Neodymium:Yag For Gynecologic Use LLW 884.455
Condom With Nonoxynol-9 LTZ 884.531
Vaginoscope And Accessories MOK 884.163
Condom, Synthetic MOL 884.53
Catheters, Salpingography MOV 884.453
Needle, Assisted Reproduction MQE 884.61
Catheter, Assisted Reproduction MQF 884.611
Accessory, Assisted Reproduction MQG 884.612
Microtools, Assisted Reproduction (Pipettes) MQH 884.613
Microtool Fabrication, Assisted Reproduction MQI 884.614
Labware, Assisted Reproduction MQK 884.616
Barrier, Std, Oral Sex MSC 884.53
System, Water, Reproduction, Assisted, And Purification MTW 884.617
Forceps, Biopsy, Gynecological, Reprocessed NMG 884.453
Laparoscope And Accessories, Gynecologic, Reprocessed NMH 884.172
Laparoscopic Insufflator And Accessories, Reprocessed NMI 884.173
Needle, Reproduction, Assisted, Reprocessed NNB 884.61
Lubricant, Personal NUC 884.53
Sampler, Endocervical PCF 884.105
Catheter, Balloon, Dilation Of Cervical Canal Prior To Labor PFJ 884.426
Dilator, Cervical, Synthetic, Osmotic PKN 884.426
Catheter, Balloon, Dilation Of Cervical Canal PON 884.426
Endoscope, Ophthalmic KYH 876.15
Endoilluminator MPA 876.15
Lens, Contact, Polymethylmethacrylate, Diagnostic HJK 886.1385
Biomicroscope, Slit-Lamp, Ac-Powered HJO 886.185
Camera, Ophthalmic, Ac-Powered HKI 886.112
Instrument, Vitreous Aspiration And Cutting, Battery-Powered HKP 886.415
Tonometer, Manual HKY 886.193
Calibrator, Tonometer HLA 886.193
Monitor, Eye Movement HLL 886.151
Preamplifier, Ac-Powered, Ophthalmic HLT 886.164
Preamplifier, Battery-Powered, Ophthalmic HLW 886.164
Photostimulator, Ac-Powered HLX 886.163
Electrode, Corneal HLZ 886.122
Monitor, Eye Movement, Diagnostic HMC 886.151
Keratome, Battery-Powered HMY 886.437
Keratome, Ac-Powered HNO 886.437
Instrument, Visual Field, Laser HPJ 886.136
Tonograph HPK 886.193
Unit, Cryophthalmic HPS 886.417
Probe And Counter, Isotope, For Phosphorus 32 HPW 886.167
Unit, Cryotherapy, Ophthalmic HQA 886.417
Photocoagulator And Accessories HQB 886.469
Unit, Phacofragmentation HQC 886.467
Lens, Contact (Other Material) – Daily HQD 886.5916
Instrument, Vitreous Aspiration And Cutting, Ac-Powered HQE 886.415
Laser, Ophthalmic HQF 886.439
Unit, Cautery, Thermal, Ac-Powered HQO 886.4115
Unit, Cautery, Thermal, Battery-Powered HQP 886.4115
Apparatus, Cautery, Radiofrequency, Battery-Powered HQQ 886.41
Apparatus, Cautery, Radiofrequency, Ac-Powered HQR 886.41
Sterilizer, Soft-Lens, Thermal, Battery-Powered HRC 886.5928
Sterilizer, Soft-Lens, Thermal, Ac-Powered HRD 886.5928
Unit, Beta, Radiation, Ophthalmic HRL 886.51
Unit, Cryophthalmic, Ac-Powered HRN 886.417
Applicator, Ocular Pressure LCC 886.461
Lenses, Soft Contact, Daily Wear LPL 886.5925
Accessories, Soft Lens Products LPN 886.5928
Lens, Surgical, Laser, Accesssory, Ophthalmic Laser LQJ 886.439
Case, Contact Lens LRX 886.5928
Laser, Neodymium:Yag, Ophthalmic For Posterior Capsulotomy And Cutting Pupilla LXS 886.4392
Accessories, Solution, Ultrasonic Cleaners For Lenses LYL 886.5928
Keratoprosthesis, Temporary Implant, Surgical Use MLP 886.34
Vitrectomy, Instrument Cutter MLZ 886.415
Dilator, Expansive Iris (Accessory) MMC 886.415
Products, Contact Lens Care, Rigid Gas Permeable MRC 886.5918
Folders And Injectors, Intraocular Lens (Iol) MSS 886.43
Fluidic, Phacoemulsification/Phacofragmentation MUS 886.467
Lens, Contact, (Disposable) MVN 886.5925
Device, Analysis, Anterior Segment MXK 886.185
Laser, System, Phacolysis MXO 886.467
Ophthalmoscope, Laser, Scanning MYC 886.157
Keratome, Water Jet MYD 886.437
System, In-Office Tinting, Contact Lenses MZD 886.5925
Injector, Capsular Tension Ring NCE 886.43
Apparatus, Cutting, Radiofrequency, Electrosurgical, Battery-Powered NCR 886.41
Lens, Contact, For Color Vision Deficiency NCZ 886.5925
Lens, Contact, For Reading Discomfort NIC 886.5925
Flasher, Afterimage, Ophthalmic NJG 886.13
Tonometer, Analyzer, Ocular Blood Flow NJJ 886.193
Needle, Phacoemulsification, Reprocessed NKX 886.467
Blade, Keratome, Reprocessed NKY 886.437
Knife, Ophthalmic, Reprocessed NLA 886.435
Microscope, Specular NQE 886.185
Camera, Ophthalmic, Slit-Scanning QER 886.112
System, Image Management, Ophthalmic NFJ 892.205
Arthroscope HRX 888.11
Tester, Stiffness, Cartilage, Arthroscopic NGR 888.11
Immunohistochemistry Assay, Antibody, Progesterone Receptor MXZ 864.186
Immunohistochemistry Antibody Assay, Estrogen Receptor MYA 864.186
Control Material, Her-2/Neu, Immunohistochemistry NJW 864.186
Early Growth Response Gene 1 (Egr1) Fish Probe Kit For Specimen Characterization PDO 864.187
Dna Fish Probe Kit For Specimen Characterization, Human Chromosome, Hematological Disorders PFG 864.187
Quality Control For Molecular Immunohematology Tests PFK 864.965
Igg, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DAA 866.551
Lambda, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEP 866.555
Igm, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DEY 866.555
Kappa, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DFD 866.555
Igd, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGH 866.551
Ige, Peroxidase, Antigen, Antiserum, Control DGO 866.551
Cytokeratins LYE 866.555
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Fish Probe Kit OVQ 866.604
Early Growth Response 1 (Egr) Fish Probe Kit OWK 866.604
Dna-Probe Kit, Human Chromosome X And Y, Bmt Engraftment OXP 866.601
Fish Based Detection Of Chromosomal Abnormalities From Patients With Hematologic Malignancies QDI 864.188
Next Generation Sequencing Based Tumor Profiling Test PZM 866.608
Digital Pathology Display PZZ 864.37
Chronaximeter IKP 890.1225
Transport, Patient, Powered ILK 890.515
Stimulator, Ultrasound And Muscle, For Use In Applying Therapeutic Deep Heat IMG 890.586
Ultrasonic Diathermy For Use In Applying Therapeutic Deep Heat IMI 890.53
Diathermy, Shortwave, For Use In Applying Therapeutic Deep Heat IMJ 890.529
Elevator, Wheelchair, Portable ING 890.393
Vehicle, Motorized 3-Wheeled INI 890.38
Stretcher, Wheeled, Powered INK 890.369
Diathermy, Microwave, For Use In Applying Therapeutic Deep Heat IOA 890.5275
Lamp, Infrared, Non Heating IOB 890.55
Wheelchair, Mechanical IOR 890.385
Stimulator, Muscle, Powered IPF 890.585
Wheelchair, Standup IPL 890.39
Wheelchair, Special Grade IQC 890.388
Massager, Powered Inflatable Tube IRP 890.565
Stimulator, Muscle, Diagnostic ISB 890.185
Equipment, Traction, Powered ITH 890.59
Wheelchair, Powered ITI 890.386
Table, Physical Therapy, Multi Function JFB 890.588
Device, Iontophoresis, Specific Uses KTB 890.5525
Stroller, Adaptive LBE 890.385
Device, Fluidized Therapy, Dry Heat LBG 890.55
Infant Heel Warmer (Chemical Heat Pack) MPO 890.571
Stimulator, Muscle, Powered, For Muscle Conditioning NGX 890.585
Stimulator, Muscle, Powered, With Limited Output, For Rehabilitation NYY 890.585
Stimulator, Muscle, Powered, With Limited Output, For Muscle Conditioning NYZ 890.585
Stationary Ultrasonic Diathermy Device For Use In Applying Therapeutic Deep Heat PFW 890.53
Cephalometer EAG 872.183
Unit, X-Ray, Intraoral EAP 872.181
Unit, X-Ray, Extraoral With Timer EHD 872.18
System, X-Ray, Extraoral Source, Digital MUH 872.18
Doppler, Fetal, Ultrasound LXE 884.266
Monitor, Fetal Doppler Ultrasound MAA 884.266
Transducer, Ultrasonic, Diagnostic ITX 892.157
Assembly, Tube Housing, X-Ray, Therapeutic ITZ 892.593
Source, Wire, Iridium, Radioactive IWA 892.573
Device, Beam Limiting, Teletherapy, Radionuclide IWD 892.575
Needle, Isotope, Gold, Titanium, Platinum IWF 892.573
Source, Isotope, Sealed, Gold, Titanium, Platinum IWI 892.573
Block, Beam-Shaping, Radiation Therapy IXI 892.571
System, Imaging, X-Ray, Electrostatic IXK 892.163
Generator, Orthovoltage, Therapeutic X-Ray IYC 892.59
Generator, Low Voltage, Therapeutic X-Ray IYD 892.59
Generator, Dermatological (Grenz Ray), Therapeutic X-Ray IYH 892.59
Collimator, Orthovoltage, Therapeutic X-Ray IYI 892.59
Collimator, Low Voltage, Therapeutic X-Ray IYJ 892.59
Collimator, High Voltage, Therapeutic X-Ray IYK 892.59
Collimator, Dermatological, Therapeutic X-Ray IYL 892.59
System, Imaging, Pulsed Doppler, Ultrasonic IYN 892.155
System, Imaging, Pulsed Echo, Ultrasonic IYO 892.156
System, Rebreathing, Radionuclide IYT 892.139
Camera, Scintillation (Gamma) IYX 892.11
Camera, Positron IZC 892.111
System, X-Ray, Tomographic IZF 892.174
System, X-Ray, Photofluorographic IZG 892.173
System, X-Ray, Mammographic IZH 892.171
Camera, X-Ray, Fluorographic, Cine Or Spot IZJ 892.162
System, X-Ray, Mobile IZL 892.172
System, X-Ray, Fluoroscopic, Image-Intensified JAA 892.165
System, X-Ray, Fluoroscopic, Non-Image-Intensified JAB 892.166
Monitor, Ultrasonic, Nonfetal JAF 892.154
Couch, Radiation Therapy, Powered JAI 892.577
System, X-Ray, Tomography, Computed JAK 892.175
Scanner, Fluorescent JAO 892.122
System, Tomographic, Nuclear JWM 892.131
Densitometer, Bone KGI 892.117
System, Simulation, Radiation Therapy KPQ 892.584
System, X-Ray, Stationary KPR 892.168
System, Tomography, Computed, Emission KPS 892.12
Calibrator, Dose, Radionuclide KPT 892.136
Generator, High Voltage, X-Ray, Therapeutic KPZ 892.59
Device, Beam Limiting, X-Ray, Therapeutic KQA 892.59
System, Image Processing, Radiological LLZ 892.205
System, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging LNH 892.1
System, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic LNI 892.1
Coil, Magnetic Resonance, Specialty MOS 892.1
Solid State X-Ray Imager (Flat Panel/Digital Imager) MQB 892.168
Full Field Digital, System, X-Ray, Mammographic MUE 892.1715
Media, Coupling, Ultrasound MUI 892.157
Cabinet, X-Ray System MWP 892.168
Diagnostic Ultrasonic Transducer, Robotic OQQ 892.157
Interventional Fluoroscopic X-Ray System OWB 892.165
Image-Intensified Fluoroscopic X-Ray System, Mobile OXO 892.165
Prostate Immobilizer Rectal Balloon PCT 892.572
Cream For X-Ray Attenuation PDK 892.651
Display, Diagnostic Radiology PGY 892.205
C-Arm Fluoroscopic X-Ray System RCC 892.165
Burn Resuscitation Decision Support Software PDT 868.189
Oximeter, Tissue Saturation MUD 870.27
Tray, Irrigation, Sterile EYN 876.598
Laryngoscope, Endoscope GCI 876.15
Instrument, Biopsy KNW 876.1075
Balloon, Liver Tamponade NGU 876.598
Strip, Adhesive, Closure, Skin FPX 880.524
Bandage, Liquid KMF 880.509
System, Imaging, Optical Coherence Tomography (Oct) NQQ 892.156
Pump, Portable, Aspiration (Manual Or Powered) BTA 878.478
Unit, Electrosurgical And Coagulation, With Accessories BWA 878.44
Electrosurgical Device DWG 878.44
System, Cryosurgical, Liquid Nitrogen, For Urology FAZ 878.435
Tray, Surgical, Needle FSH 878.48
Light, Surgical, Fiberoptic FST 878.458
Light, Ultraviolet, Dermatological FTC 878.463
Illuminator, Non-Remote FTF 878.458
Unit, Cryosurgical, Accessories GEH 878.435
Electrosurgical, Cutting & Coagulation & Accessories GEI 878.44
Powered Laser Surgical Instrument GEX 878.481
Apparatus, Electrosurgical HAM 878.44
Illuminator, Fiberoptic, Surgical Field HBI 878.458
Lamp, Fluorescein, Ac-Powered HJE 878.458
Apparatus, Suction, Ward Use, Portable, Ac-Powered JCX 878.478
Electrode, Electrosurgical JOS 878.44
Electrode, Gel, Electrosurgical JOT 878.44
Cabinet, Phototherapy (Puva) KGL 878.463
Booth, Sun Tan LEJ 878.4635
Guard, Instrument LXZ 878.48
Generator, Electrosurgical, Coagulation, Cancer MUL 878.44
Lamp, Uvc, (For Treating Skin And Wounds) MXG 878.463
System, Ablation, Microwave And Accessories NEY 878.44
Needle, Biopsy, Cardiovascular, Reprocessed NLK 878.48
Needle, Catheter, Reprocessed NMT 878.42
Needle, Gastro-Urology, Reprocessed NMU 878.48
Biopsy Device, Percutaneous, Reprocessed NNA 878.48
Needle, Aspiration And Needle, Reprocessed NNC 878.48
Wound Cleaner, Ultrasound NRB 878.441
Ultrasound, Skin Permeation NRJ 878.441
System, Ablation, Ultrasound And Accessories NTB 878.44
Massager, Vacuum, Light Induced Heating NUV 878.481
Low Energy Direct Current Thermal Ablation System OAB 878.44
Electrosurgical Patient Return Electrode ODR 878.44
Fat Reducing Low Level Laser OLI 878.54
Powered Light Based Non-Laser Surgical Instrument ONE 878.481
Powered Light Based Non-Laser Surgical Instrument With Thermal Effect ONF 878.481
Powered Laser Surgical Instrument With Microbeam\Fractional Output ONG 878.481
Electrosurgical Coagulation For Aesthetic ONQ 878.44
Cryogenic, Skin Tag Removal, Otc ORE 878.435
Wound Drain Catheter System OTK 878.478
Instrument For Treatment Of Hyperhidrosis OUB 878.44
Laser, Cellulite Appearance OYW 878.481
Massager, Vacuum, Radio Frequency Induced Heat PBX 878.44
Electrosurgical Vessel And/Or Tissue Sealer. With Built-In Generator. PDG 878.44
Wound Retraction And Protection System PQI 878.4371
Light Based Imaging PSN 878.458
Sunlamp Products (Pre-Standard) RAB 878.4635
Suntan Bed REF 878.4635
Suntan Lamp REG 878.4635
Tabletop Sunlamp System REH 878.4635
Cyclosporine Radioimmunoassay LTB 862.1235
Cyclosporine And Metabolites Serum Assay MAR 862.1235
High Performance Liquid Chromatography For Cyclosporine MGS 862.1235
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay For Cyclosporine MGU 862.1235
Radioimmunoassay For Cyclosporine MGV 862.1235
Cyclosporine MKW 862.1235
Enzyme Immunoassay, Tracrolimus MLM 862.1678
Test, Cholesterol, Total, Over The Counter NFX 862.1175
Test, Lactic Acid, Over The Counter NGD 862.145
Test, Nitrite, Urinary, Non-Quantitative, Over The Counter NGJ 862.151
Test, Triglycerides, Over The Counter NGO 862.1705
Test, Occult Blood, Over The Counter NGK 864.655
Myeloperoxidase, Immunoassay, System, Test NTV 866.56
Alcohol Dehydrogenase, Specific Reagent For Ethanol Enzyme Method DIC 862.304
Bacillus Subtilis Microbiology Assay, Tobramycin DID 862.39
Thin Layer Chromatography, Quinine DIK 862.375
Radioimmunoassay, Primidone DIL 862.368
Gas Chromatography, Salicylate DIM 862.383
Gas Chromatography, Cocaine DIN 862.325
Enzyme Immunoassay, Cocaine And Cocaine Metabolites DIO 862.325
Enzyme Immunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin DIP 862.335
Radioimmunoassay, Morphine (3-H), Goat Antibody Ammonium Sulfate Sep. DIQ 862.364
Free Radical Assay, Cocaine DIR 862.325
Enzyme Immunoassay, Barbiturate DIS 862.315
Thin Layer Chromatography, Amphetamine DIT 862.31
Hemagglutination Inhibition, Methadone DIW 862.362
Thin Layer Chromatography, Phenobarbital DIX 862.366
Gas Chromatography, Ethosuximide DIY 862.338
Delayed Analysis, Alcohol DIZ 862.304
Radioimmunoassay, Gentamicin (125-I), Second Antibody Sep. DJB 862.345
Thin Layer Chromatography, Methamphetamine DJC 862.361
Enzyme Immunoassay, Primidone DJD 862.368
Thin Layer Chromatography, Salicylate DJE 862.383
Gas Chromatography, Opiates DJF 862.365
Enzyme Immunoassay, Opiates DJG 862.365
Gas Chromatography, Phenobarbital DJH 862.366
Antiserum, Gentamicin DJI 862.345
Fluorometry, Morphine DJJ 862.364
Free Radical Assay, Amphetamine DJL 862.31
Mercury Dithiazone, Colorimetry, Barbiturate DJN 862.315
Radioimmunoassay, Amphetamine DJP 862.31
Test Reagents For Phenothiazine DJQ 862.367
Enzyme Immunoassay, Methadone DJR 862.362
Radioimmunoassay, Ethosuximide DJX 862.338
Antiserum, Digoxin DKA 862.332
Bacillus Subtilis, Microbiological Assay, Gentamicin DKD 862.345
Reagents, Test, Tetrahydrocannabinol DKE 862.387
Gas Chromatography, Diphenylhydantoin DKH 862.335
Colorimetry, Salicylate DKJ 862.383
Radioimmunoassay, Barbiturate DKN 862.315
Radioimmunoassay, Phenobarbital DKP 862.366
Antiserum, Digitoxin DKQ 862.33
Thin Layer Chromatography, Methadone DKR 862.362
Free Radical Assay, Opiates DKT 862.365
Test Reagents For Sulphanimide Derivatives DKW 862.385
Thin Layer Chromatography, Barbiturate DKX 862.315
Enzyme Immunoassay, Amphetamine DKZ 862.31
Test Reagents For Methyl Alcohol DLA 862.304
Radioimmunoassay, Lsd (125-I) DLB 862.358
Thin Layer Chromatography, Codeine DLD 862.327
Reagents, Test,  Bromides DLE 862.3645
Enzyme Immunoassay, Ethosuximide DLF 862.338
Gas Chromatography, Alcohol DLH 862.304
Hemagglutination, Cocaine Metabolites (Benzoylecgnonine) DLN 862.325
Radioimmunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin DLP 862.335
Hemagglutination Inhibition, Morphine DLR 862.364
Gas Chromatograph, Alcohol (Dedicated Instruments) DLS 862.304
Hemagglutination, Opiates DLT 862.365
Hemagglutination Inhibition, Barbiturate DLX 862.315
Enzyme Immunoassay, Phenobarbital DLZ 862.366
Gas Chromatography, Methadone DMB 862.362
Gas Liquid Chromatography, Barbiturate DMF 862.315
Potassium Dichromate Specific Reagent For Alcohol DMI 862.304
Test Reagents For Ethyl Alcohol DMJ 862.304
Nad-Nadh, Specific Reagent For Alcohol Enzyme Method DML 862.304
Thin Layer Chromatography, Cocaine DMN 862.325
Gas Chromatography, Primidone DMQ 862.368
Enzymatic Method, Alcohol Dehydrogenase, Ultraviolet DMT 862.304
Liquid Chromatography, Salicylate DMX 862.383
Gas Chromatography, Morphine DMY 862.364
Radioimmunoassay, Morphine-Barbiturate (125-I), Goat Antibody DNA 862.364
Strip, Paper, Salicylate DNC 862.383
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Solid Phase Sep. DND 862.33
Atomic Absorption, Antimony DNE 862.311
Liquid Chromatography, Ethosuximide DNF 862.338
Free Radical, Benzoylecgnonine DNG 862.325
Liquid Chromatography, Amphetamine DNI 862.31
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Goat Antibody, 2nd Antibody Sep. DNJ 862.332
Thin Layer Chromatography, Morphine DNK 862.364
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Second Antibody Sep. DNL 862.332
Hemagglutination Inhibition, Gentamicin DNO 862.345
Thin Layer Chromatography, Ethosuximide DNP 862.338
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (3-H), Rabbit Antibody, Coated Tubes Sep. DNQ 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Double Label Sep. DNS 862.332
Liquid Chromatography, Methadone DNT 862.362
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (3-H), Rabbit Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DNW 862.33
Atomic Absorption, Arsenic DNZ 862.312
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Goat Antibody, Anion Exchange, Resin Sep. DOA 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (3-H) DOB 862.33
Gas Chromatography, Amphetamine DOD 862.31
Radioimmunoassay, Morphine (125-I), Goat Antibody Ammonium Sulfate Sep. DOE 862.364
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Polyethylene Glycol DOG 862.332
Potassium Dichromate, Alcohol DOJ 862.304
Free Radical Assay, Morphine DOK 862.364
Free Radical Assay, Lsd DOL 862.358
Thin Layer Chromatography, Benzoylecgnonine DOM 862.325
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Solid Phase Sep. DON 862.332
Liquid Chromatography, Phenobarbital DOO 862.366
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (3-H), Bovine Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DOR 862.332
Thin Layer Chromatography, Primidone DOS 862.368
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (3-H), Rabbit Antibody, Coated Tube DOW 862.33
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (3-H), Goat Antibody, 2nd Antibody Sep. DOY 862.332
Liquid Chromatography, Diphenylhydantoin DOZ 862.335
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DPB 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (3-H), Rabbit Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DPD 862.332
Thin Layer Chromatography, Diphenylhydantoin DPE 862.335
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Coated Tube Sep. DPG 862.33
Mercury, Atomic Absorption DPH 862.36
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Bovine Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DPI 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Amphetamine (125-I), Goat Antibody, Ammonium Sulfate Sep. DPJ 862.31
Liquid Chromatography, Morphine DPK 862.364
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (125-I), Bovine Antibody, Charcoal Sep. DPL 862.33
Thin Layer Chromatography, Propoxyphene DPN 862.37
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I), Rabbit Antibody, Coated Tube Sep. DPO 862.332
Free Radical Assay, Methadone DPP 862.362
Liquid Chromatography, Primidone DPQ 862.368
Flame Photometry, Lithium JIH 862.356
Atomic Absorption, Lithium JII 862.356
Gold Chloride (Colorimetric), Bromide JKQ 862.3645
Enzyme Immunoassay, Benzodiazepine JXM 862.317
Enzyme Immunoassay, Propoxyphene JXN 862.37
Enzyme Immunoassay, Cocaine JXO 862.325
Radioimmunoassay, Kanamycin KJI 862.352
Radioimmunoassay, Tobramycin KLB 862.39
Radioimmunoassay, Cocaine Metabolite KLN 862.325
Enzymatic Radiochemical Assay, Gentamicin KLO 862.345
Amikacin Serum Assay KLP 862.3035
Radioimmunoassay, Amikacin KLQ 862.3035
Enzyme Immunoassay, Lidocaine KLR 862.3555
Enzyme Immunoassay, Theophylline KLS 862.388
Enzyme Immunoassay, Carbamazepine KLT 862.3645
Radioimmunoassay, Methaqualone KXS 862.363
Enzyme Immunoassay, Digoxin KXT 862.332
Kit, Disc, Agar Gel Diffusion, Determine Serum Levels Of Gentamicin KZT 862.345
Kit, Disc, Agar Gel Diffusion, Determine Serum Levels Of Kanamycin KZW 862.352
Kit, Disc, Agar Gel Diffusion, Determine Serum Levels Of Tobramycin KZX 862.39
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Barbiturate KZY 862.315
Gas Chromatography, Benzodiazepine KZZ 862.317
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Benzodiazepine LAA 862.317
Thin Layer Chromatography, Benzodiazepine LAB 862.317
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Cocaine And Cocaine Metabolites LAC 862.325
Gas Chromatography, Codeine LAD 862.327
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Codeine LAE 862.327
Gas Chromatography, Methamphetamine LAF 862.361
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Methamphetamine LAG 862.361
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Opiates LAH 862.365
Thin Layer Chromatography, Opiates LAI 862.365
Gas Chromatography, Propoxyphene LAJ 862.37
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Propoxyphene LAK 862.37
Eas Chromatography, Quinine LAL 862.375
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Quinine LAM 862.375
Enzyme Immunoassay, N-Acetylprocainamide LAN 862.332
Enzyme Immunoassay, Procainamide LAR 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Cannabinoid(S) LAT 862.387
Enzyme Immunoassay, Quinidine LBZ 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Theophylline LCA 862.388
Enzyme Immunoassay, Gentamicin LCD 862.345
Fluorescent Immunoassay Gentamicin LCQ 862.345
Fluorescent Immunoassay, Tobramycin LCR 862.39
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (125-I) LCS 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Digoxin (3-H) LCT 862.332
Radioimmunoassay, Digitoxin (125-I) LCW 862.33
U.V. Spectrometry, Theophylline LCY 862.388
U.V. Spectrometry, Primidone LCZ 862.368
U.V. Spectrometry, Phenobarbital LDA 862.366
U.V. Spectrometry, Carbamazepine LDB 862.3645
U.V. Spectrometry, Diphenylhydantoin LDC 862.335
Enzyme Immunoassay, Cannabinoids LDJ 862.387
Enzymatic Radiochemical Assay, Amikacin LDN 862.3035
Enzymatic Radiochemical Assay, Tobramycin LDO 862.39
Colorimetry, Acetaminophen LDP 862.303
Enzyme Immunoassay, Valproic Acid LEG 862.3645
Radioimmunoassay, Vancomycin LEH 862.395
Fluorescent Immunoassay, Theophylline LER 862.388
Fluorescent Immunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin LES 862.335
Fluorescent Immunoassay, Phenobarbital LET 862.366
Thin Layer Chromatography, Theophylline LEW 862.388
Radioimmunoassay, Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs LFG 862.391
U.V. Spectrometry, Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs LFH 862.391
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs LFI 862.391
Enzyme Immunoassay, Digitoxin LFM 862.33
Nephelometric Inhibition Immunoassay, Phenobarbital LFN 862.366
Nephelometric Inhibition Immunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin LFO 862.335
Fluorescent Immunoassay, Primidone LFT 862.368
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Tobramycin LFW 862.39
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Carbamazepine LGI 862.3645
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Amibacin LGJ 862.3035
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Phenobarbital LGQ 862.366
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin (Total) LGR 862.335
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Theophylline LGS 862.388
Radioceptor Assay, Neuroleptic Drugs LPX 862.3645
Thin Layer Chromatography, Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs MLK 862.391
Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay, Diphenylhydantoin (Free) MOJ 862.335
Assay, Porphyrin, Spectrophotometry, Lithium NDW 862.356
Test, Amphetamine, Over The Counter NFT 862.31
Test, Benzodiazepine, Over The Counter NFV 862.317
Test, Cannabinoid, Over The Counter NFW 862.387
Test, Cocaine And Cocaine Metabolites, Over The Counter NFY 862.325
Test, Methamphetamine, Over The Counter NGG 862.361
Test, Morphine, Over The Counter NGI 862.364
Test, Opiates, Over The Counter NGL 862.365
Sirolimus Test System NRP 862.384
Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Genotyping Systems NTI 862.336
Immunoassay, Anti-Seizure Drug NWM 862.335
Mycophenolic Acid Test System OAV 862.384
Cytochrome P450 2c9 (Cyp450 2c9) Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Genotyping System ODW 862.336
Software, Similarity Score Algorithm, Tissue Of Origin For Malignant Tumor Types OIW 862.31
Lamotrigine Assay ORH 862.335
Levetiracetam Assay ORI 862.335
Gabapentin Assay OTF 862.335
Enzyme Immunoassay, Oxcarbazepine Metabolite POX 862.3645
Test, Methadone, Over The Counter PTG 862.362
Test, Barbiturate, Over The Counter PTH 862.315
Test, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Over The Counter QAW 862.391
Test, Propoxyphene, Over The Counter QBF 862.37
Meprobamate Test System QBK 862.359
Plazomicin Test System, Immunoassay QDR 862.346
Laser Products (Pre-Standard) RAA
Nondestructive Tests RAC
Gauging RAD
Ranging RAE
Cleaner RAF
Welder RAG
Jewelry Cleaner RAH
Motion Detector/Occupancy RAI
Security System RAJ
Pest Repeller RAK
Massager RAL
Humidifier RAM
Auto Focus Camera RAN
Intrusion Alarm/Security RAO
Scientific Use Ultrasound Products RAP
Audio System/Radio RAQ
Telephone Ringer RAR
Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasonic Products RAS
Veterinary Therapy Ultrasonic Products RAT
Night Vision Scope RAU
High Voltage Tubes RAV
Cathode Ray Tubes RAW
High Voltage Vacuum Switches RAX
Oscilloscope (Exempted) RAY
Television Receiver, Medical Imaging, Color RAZ
Television Receiver, Medical Imaging, Monochrome RBA
Television Receiver, General Purpose, Color RBB
Television Receiver, General Purpose, Monochrome RBC
Video Monitor, Medical Imaging, Color RBD
Video Monitor, General Purpose, Color RBE
Video Monitor, Medical Imaging, Monochrome RBF
Video Monitor, General Purpose, Monochrome RBG
Projector RBH
Tv View Finder (Exempted) RBI
Cold-Cathode Gas Discharge Tubes RBJ
Betatron, Non-Medical RBK
Cyclotron,Non-Medical RBL
Microtron, Non-Medical RBM
Synchrotron, Non-Medical RBN
Sterilizers, Non-Medical RBO
Industrial Accelerator RBP
Security Accelerator RBQ
Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment (Noncertified) RBR
Industrial X-Ray RBS
Bottle Fill Checker RBT
X-Ray Thickness Gauge RBU
Security X-Ray System, Open Beam, Small RBV
X-Ray Diffraction RBW
X-Ray Spectroscopy RBX
X-Ray Fluorescence RBY
X-Ray Controls ? Combination RBZ
X-Ray Controls – Fluoroscopic RCA
X-Ray Controls – Radiographic RCB
X-Ray Image Receptor RCD
Cabinet X-Ray, Industrial RCE
Cabinet X-Ray Explosive Detection Systems RCF
Cabinet X-Ray, Security (Includes Baggage X-Ray) RCG
Cabinet X-Ray, Vehicle And Cargo RCH
Cephalometric Devices RCI
Veterinary Diagnostic X-Ray System RCJ
Veterinary X-Ray Therapy System RCK
Ion Beam Implanter RCL
Microscope (Electron Beam), Non-Medical RCM
Personnel Security Backscatter X-Ray System RCN
Personnel Security Transmission X-Ray System RCO
Vehicle And Cargo X-Ray System, Mobile RCP
Vehicle And Cargo X-Ray System, Stationary RCQ
Microwave Oven, Consumer RCR
Microwave Oven, Commercial RCS
Tunnel/Conveyor RCT
Vending Machine RCU
Food Processing RCV
Materials Processing RCW
Clothes Dryer RCX
Medical Waste/Sterilizer RCY
Materials Processing, Laboratories RCZ
Dielectric Heaters, Induction Heaters, Rf Sealers RDA
Electric Blanket RDB
Shavers RDC
Hair Dryer RDD
Sewing Machine RDE
Motor RDF
Veterinary, Microwave Medical Products RDG
Air Traffic Control RDH
Police Radar RDI
Rf Identification RDJ
Electronic Article Surveillance (Eas) RDK
Stun Gun RDL
Anti-Theft Detector (Non-Eas) RDM
Walkie-Talkie RDN
Microwave Lan RDO
Wireless (Cordless) Telephone RDP
Cb Amateur Radio RDQ
Weather Doppler RDS
Rf-Excited Lighting RDT
Pest Controller RDU
Automotive Accessory, Automobile Or Transport Vehicle RDV
General Purpose Laser Products RDW
Mercury Vapor Lamp RDX
Metal Halide Lamp RDY
Low-Power Laser Light Show Projector RDZ
High-Power Laser Light Show Projector REA
High-Power Laser Light Show REB
Laser Video Projector REC
Laser Advertising Display System RED
Laser Visual Display – Display Retinal Image, Non-Medical REE
Laser Science Education Products REI
Laser Children’S Toy/Novelty Product REJ
Research Laser REK
Guide-Star Laser System REL
Spectroscopy Instrument REM
Particle-Size Measuring Instrument REN
Analytical Measuring And Detection Laser Product REO
Surveying Laser Product REP
Laser Rangefinders, Time-Of-Flight Speed Measurement Products REQ
Alignment Laser Product RER
Laser Pointer RES
Laser Target Designator RET
Laser Aiming Product, Visible REU
Laser Aiming Product, Non-Visible REV
Ir Laser Illuminator With Alignment Aid/Night Vision System REW
Ir Laser Illuminator Only/Night Vision System REX
Collision-Avoidance Laser System REY
Laser Traffic Signal REZ
Laser Automotive Lighting & Signals RFA
Ir Laser Intrusion Detection/Security System RFB
Laser Light Distance (Or Detection) And Ranging (Lidar) RFC
Laser Weapon (Military Or Police) RFD
Laser Cutter RFE
Laser Welder RFF
Microelectronic Mask Or Chip Processing, Checking, And/Or Repair RFG
Print Industry Plate Maker RFI
Process Control RFJ
Laser Vision RFK
Laser Micrometer RFL
Laser-Based Material Positioning System RFM
Fiber Optic Communication And Data Transfer RFN
Ir Free-Space Data Transmit/Control Laser RFO
Remote Controller RFP
Interferometric Position Measuring Product RFQ
Product Incorporating Certified Class 1 Laser Data Measurement, Transmit, Control Product RFR
Reprographics RFS
Laser Printer RFT
Laser Fax Machine RFU
Cd, Cd-Rom Player RFV
Dvd, Dvd-Rom, Bluray, Hd Player RFW
Cd-R, Cd-Rw Recorder RFX
Dvd, Bluray, Or Hd Recorder RFY
Upc Reader (Bar Code Reader) RFZ
Product Incorporating Certified Class 1 Data Utility/Peripheral Laser Product RGA
Veterinary Laser RGB
Counterfeit Detection RGD
Scientific Crystallography RGE
Forensics RGF
Forensics Laser RGG
Toilet Seat Sanitizer RGH
Hand Washing Sanitizer RGI
Countertop Sanitizer RGJ
Towel Cleaner RGK
Photochemical Curing And Adhesive RGM
Photochemical Curing And Adhesive Laser RGN
Uv Curing RGO
Black Light RGP
Cosmetology Uv Lamp RGQ
Water Purifier RGS
Spectroscopy, Ultraviolet Fluorescence RGT
X-Ray Field Indicator Light Field (Non-Laser) RGU
Veterinary Optical Product RGV
Uv/Ir Research RGW
Fluorescent Lamp RGX
Ir Intrusion Detector RGY
Ir Security RGZ
Ir Data Transmit/Control RHA
Tungsten Halogen Lamp RHB
High Pressure Mercury, Metal Halide, And Mercury Xenon Lamp (Not For General Purpose Illumination) RHC
Ir Remote Controller RHD
Digital Display Monitor RHF
Light, Spectrum, Broad (Non-Medical) RHG
Led Lamps Emitting Visible Light Intended To Be Used For Illumination Purposes RHH
Mercury Vapor Lamp, Not Self-Extinguishing, R-Type RHI
Television, Less Than 25kv And Less Than 0.1 Mr/Hr RHJ
Laser Marker Or Engraver, Industrial Or Commercial RHK
Laser Therapy Product RHL
Image Digitizer RHM
Fiber Optic Instrument For Testing Optical Fibers RHN
Sound Amplification Product RHO
Uv Lamp, Germicidal RHP
Hologram Displaying Or Creating Laser Product. RHQ
Laser Holographic System For Experiments, Research, Or Prototype Development RHR
Laser Holographic System RHS
Laser Mouse, Trackball, Or Similar RHT
Led For Signaling/Tracking/Triggering RHU
Metal Deposition Laser Product RHV
Uv Lamp For Home Or Business Uses RHW
Sodium Vapor Lamp RHX
Laser Sensing System RHY
3d Laser Scanning System RHZ
High Intensity Lamp RIA
Microscopy Laser Instrument Or Accessory Products RIB
Ultrasonic Cutter RIC
Liquid Crystal Display (Lcd) RID
Visible Laser Illuminator RIE
Smart Meter RIF
Laser Illuminated Projector RIG
Metal Halide Lamp, Other RIH
Scientific Optical Instrument, Noncoherent RII
Automotive Radar RIJ
Television Or Monitor, Non-Crt, Non-Medical, Video Display RIK
Laser Ignition Tool RIL
Laser Marker, Cutter, Or Engraver, Tabletop, Consumer RIM
Laser Illuminated Lighting Instrument RIN
Led Toys And Entertainment Products RIO
Led Diodes Sold As Components To Be Installed In Finished Electronic Products RIP
Low Emission Leds As Indicators Or Decorations RIQ